This is my assignment for humanities. It was a discovery on Otzi The Iceman.

This is my piece of work for music. It Includes many different facts on the djembe, which is an African drum we learnt about in our music classes.

This was an English writting piece.  It was a reveiw of a book we read individually called Grace.

This is my maths work. We are learning all about linear equations.

This was a piece of my health homework. It was about how physical activity benefits you.

This piece of work was based on Indonesian clothing.

This is a picture I took in elearning.

This is another photo I took during my elearning lesson.

This is the first screen that comes up when you watch a video about the endangered White Tiger my friend and I made.

This is another piece of indonesian work. It features a piece of clothing and says where it's from, the brand, how much it costs and the material it's made out of.

This is a drill I made for sport.

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