Nikola Malá 8.B

What do you think the future will be like? And What thinks will change? And How will they change?

Future will be look like in furure completely else. What oneself change?

The Earth planet will be mature.Because people start an affair extend the Earth. On Mars will be new life. Place people there will be live extraterrestrial. The modern times and things will improve. Improvements will be the means of transport , various parks , buildings and so on.

On 21.12 will be wickendly astronomer end wolrd. Because explode Černobyl.

Interveiw some people about their ideas of the future

Here are the answers that I answered my mom.

1. What do you think the future will be like?

Future should look like, so that will not happen any natural disasters and so on.

2. What thinks will change?

I think the changes that will expand fashion and perhaps even develop new traditions.

3. How will they change?

New things will change so that people will have so many new ideas that will be enough for a happy future of our world .

4. The results of your survey:

This project is well I hope I succeeded , I wrote a project in terms of the future.

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