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Need help making investments? At Tackk investments we strive to make your life a lot easier by saving you time and the possibility of making a bad investment. In fact! If your investment does not make you any money we refund you our service fee.

Let us start by giving you some valuable investment strategies when going into the financial market. Here are some valuable things and options to consider upon purchasing investments:


  1. When making invesments, it is always best to balance risk and return through diversification.
  2. Investors should distribute investments among different financial assets to maximize profits and limit risk.
  3. This is probably the safest way to go into the financial market because although high risk grants high reward it also comes with a serious price if you lose out on an investment.

General Questions To Ask Yourself

  • What kind of return do you want?                                                                     When making investment decisions, investors should have a good idea as to what kind of return they expect to earn. the safest investments generally offer the   lowest return in the form of fixed interest rates. The returns on stocks and bonds are not guaranteed and may vary. Stocks provide a higher return over time than other investments.
  1. People who are investing for retirement are more likely to take more risk by investing in stocks
  2. People with less time and income might not be willing to risk possible losses
  3. Diversification is the most common and effective way to invest
  • What kind of risk are you willing to take?                                                    Most investors think about the possibility of losing of their initial investment. Ideally even if investors don't earn a lot of money on the investment they want to get back atleast what they put in.                                                            
  1. One of the biggest risks is the loss of purchasing power of money invested due to inflation.
  2. Other investments, such as stocks and bonds, carry high risk because the return depends on how profitable a company is.
  3. DO NOT expect that your stock will appreciate in value over time because you may face losses if the company runs into problems so choose wisely.
  4. Bonds are paid off before stockholders if a company has financial problems

Now lets dive into the types of financial options and some important terms:

Don't get caught! Dive into your options for a good head start!

Important Terms....

  1. 401k plans - defined contribution plan; employee can make contributions either before or after-tax depending on the options offered. (contributions go into a 401k account)
  2. Bonds - debt security in which the issuer owe the holders a debt and is obliged to pay them interest depending on the maturity and/or interests rates.                          Corporate bonds - investment-grade bonds issued by companies; held and traded by insitutional investors.                                                                                   Government savings bonds - offers a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time; not subject to state or local taxes.                                                                       Junk bonds - high-risk, high-yield security
  1. Mutual funds- investment program funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed
  2. Treasury bills- short-dated government security that has no interest but is issued at a discount on its redemption price
  3. Equities- the value of the shares issued by a company in which carry no fixed interest
  4. Stocks- market where securities are bought and sold. Most people by stocks as a financial investment in hopes that they can sell it for a profit.                     preferred stock - gives shareholders a share of guaranteed profits but no voting rights.                                                                                                                           common stock - gives shareholders voting rights and a share of profits, but they are not guaranteed.

Our Investment Options...

High RIsk Option


1. low-rated bonds

2. stocks

3. junk bonds

Medium Risk Option...


1. Preferred Stock

2. Mutual funds

3. small company stocks

Low Risk Option...


1. Certificates of Deposit

2.Treasury bond

3. Money market funds

4. Municipal Bonds

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