Civil War Journal

Soldier Selfie

Journal Entry One: About Me

My name is Vexeris Agressorton. I love to hand craft teddy bears. I am from an area nigh Chicago Illinois. Everyday I practice my sword and aiming skills, and of course, I craft stuffed animals, especially teddy bears. I love to read as much as I love to craft teddy bears, practice shooting my rifle, and stabbing at imaginary enemies. I will be fighting for the Union because I despise the practice of slavery.  I have recently been promoted to the rank of Colonel. I command an entire Regiment, which means I have 1000 sharpshooters at my disposal.  At my home, I do not live alone. I live with my parents and a brother and two sisters, and a cousin who is quite good at cooking.

Journal Entry Two: A Conversation Which Includes Slang.

Captain Berkshire: These darn graybacks are annoying.

Me: Which kind?

Captain Berkshire: Both

Me: Haha. Oh! By the way, we got a shipping of fresh apples. Come in the tent if you want to keep your bread basket filled with something that won't make you sick!

Captain Berkshire: I have good news. There used to be so much lice around here, but we managed to get the entire Regiment to shake them off at the same time, so them graybacks are off our backs for good. Speaking of backs, I wish greenbacks were plentiful and graybacks were scarce. Right now, it is currently the opposite at this here camp.

Me: Pass the pepperbox, not your gun please.

Captain Berkshire: Haha, why would anyone want a seasoning like that!

Me: On the bright side, the Rebels took a hard knock when they were retreating and got hammered by a couple hundred of us sharpshooters wait'in for 'em. Which was the most recent skirmish this Regiment experienced.

Journal Entry 3: A Soldier's Environment, Camp Life, and Punishments:

Dear Mother,

Our camp was located on the border of the state Virginia, outside of a dense forest. Everyday we had to drill, it was my duty to make sure there was the practice of drill. Everyday my men would practice marching, shooting, and maintenance of the equipment. The army food is awful and extremely unhealthy.

One day, I gave away one of my teddy bears to a soldier. But another soldier stole it from him. So I forced the thief to wear a dress for the rest of the day instead of having him tied up.  This here is a photo of some random people in the neighboring regiment.

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Journal Entry Four: Jeremiah Handley Story, Interview Questions, -And Answers

When you chose to travel east to battle Lee's troops, What caused you to make that choice?

I wanted to battle Lee's troops because I wanted to participate in a battle that has the potential to bring Lee down. I feel the need for action.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

I am proud of mustering the bravery to join the bloodshed of the civil war.  Not everyone is brave enough to fight and face the horrors of war

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish my mother and father had lived and I didn't have to have the farm sold. I feel as if I no longer have a home to return to, once the war has ended.

Jeremiah, were you afraid of dying?

Yes, I did not want to die. I expect to live through the war and continue to experience the pleasures of life. But I don't really have a family to return to . . . how depressing.

Photo Prompt Morning: The morning sun rises above the beautiful lake and river. (Above)

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Journal Entry Five: Camp Life and Entertainment

We had a basket of sand and we drew pictures on it to pass the time. I was a bad drawer but Private Jimmy Thompson was a great artist. We also had an entertaining time playing chess.

My favorite food to eat at camp is raw fish, next is bread with maggots in it. All you need is bread on a plate that is on the ground.

What I found very disturbing at camp was the cries of the wounded as they faced amputation.

Journal Entry Six, Marching Song:

We are the Union!

The bravest of the brave! Marching forth from the North!

We are not afraid to die,

Oh brave Union!

We shall crush the enemy, under our feet,

grinding their bones and mashing their faces,

make them perish disgracefully and disgustingly,

As the Union turned their menacing head

The South turned their tail and fled

as they gallantly chickened out.

Photo Prompt Battle:

Journal Entry Seven, The Wounded:

At camp, tending the wounded was grim. I witnessed amputations of men that were awake and squirming. The squirming, awake, and wounded men were held down by the surgeons' assistants. When an amputation was being done, I looked away and did not want to watch.

Due to the poor quality of the food, lots of soldiers had stomach aches and diarrhea. The belts that were distributed did not seem to be effective. Which I found frustrating. I wanted my men to be healthy people, not sick, malnutritioned, humans.

Journal Entry Eight, Home?

I believe I have died, because all I remember is a line of Confederate artillery shooting at me and I moved out of the way but there was an enemy cannon hidden in some trees, which I rode my horse in front of because of my unawareness. The enemy cannon shot a twelve-pounder through my horse and through my rib cage and out the other end. My horse was gallantly putting its front hooves in the air. When I was writing this letter, I was a ghost, a spirit given a resurrection pass to be a temporary ghost that will eventually return to heaven. What I found interesting was when I was writing this letter, the quill appeared to be hovering and shaking in mid-air.

That is me at the gates of my home. Unfortunately I am a transparent ghost drifting in the cold shadows and you can't see me. (Above) But fortunately, I get to see my beautiful home again. I fought for the Union.  I showed bravery and courage. Since my regiment helped win several battles I feel my death was not in vain.

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