Wishing our Ferguson Family the Merriest of Holidays and Best of Memories!

Reminders, Ideas ,and Thoughts to Ponder...

Thoughts from the heart this week:


   Thank you for choosing to share your gifts with the students and staff of Ferguson each day.  Teaching is a profession open to criticism and judgment from many and the very fact that each of you choose to remain in this profession and prove harsh critics wrong and invest in the future of our nation, speaks volumes about your character.

    As I wander the hallways at times or listen in to your words in a conference with a parent or student alike, you each remind me that we are truly not here just to teach the stuff but through teaching the stuff, you touch lives and make impressions. These impressions will last a lifetime and will be remembered when each of your students encounter milestones, tough times, and accomplishments.  They will think of you, remember your face, and go on to touch the lives of many more around them.  Your impact as excellent educators is immeasurable.  You indeed make the world a better place because of what you CHOOSE to do each day. 

   So, take some time to rest your superhero powers over the break. Even heroes, like you all, need to recharge. 

                      Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,