From Vietnam to the U.S

All about my Mom

My mom was born in Vietnam in 1976 and she moved to the U.S when she was around 5 or 6. The reason why my mom's mom moved to the United States was to search for a better life because the Vietnam war just ended. Also they moved to the U.S because sponsors took in families from Vietnam.

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Hi i am Xuanloann Do's pajamas so let me tell you the story of how we moved from Vietnam to the U.S. I was sad to leave the bed i slept in or the drawer i was put in but maybe it was a chance for a better life. The Vietnam war just ended so maybe it was a chance for a better life. I really don't care if we move just as long as there is a comfy bed.

This is the day to leave Vietnam and go to the U.S. i am very exited for this adventure. I think Loann is too! As we are leaving Loann's mom says her last goodbyes. Then we board the little boat and sail off to the U.S.

One day later we see a worn out boat coming closer and closer. It got so close the pirates on the boat raided our boat. They only took things that were worth value. I guess everyone on the boat looked thirsty so they gave us water to continue our journey.

First we arrive in Thailand and we were put in a refuge camp. They gave us food and water. Loann played with her brothers and sister. Loann's mom talked with the elders. Loann was worried but her mom helped her keep calm. After a few weeks we set off for America.

Finally we arrived in America! Loann was pretty exited for the new beginning. On the other hand her mom by the look on her face she was not very exited. Their sponsor introduced them to their new apartment. Everyone settled in quite quickly but her mom on the other hand was not. She tried to carry on the Vietnamese culture.

Fun Fact: Tet is a the vietnamese new year. Someone in the family hosts it and everyone gives out money in the red envelopes .

Fun Fact: My mom's favorite dish is spring rolls.

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Fun Fact: My favorite dish is che a Vietnamese dessert and Pho!

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