A cat in a pair of jeans

Cats can come in many breeds. For example, Siamese cat and a lion. Did you know that lions and tigers are from the cat family? They are called wild cats. Have you ever wondered why cats play with yarn?  Cats play with yarn because nothing is better designed to catch cats eye that something that twist and turns and offers motion to its length. Did you ever wonder why cats love laser pointers? They love laser pointers because they think that it is there prey and that want to catch it because there laser moves faster that any other that they would chase for there for there prey. Have you ever wondered why cats have really bumpy toughs? They have bumpy toughs because you can brush your self with a hair brush or a comb and there tough is really bumpy so they can brush there self's. Did you know that cats have been around for about 100,000 years ago. They were discovered back in ancient Egypt, so cats have been along for along time. So research more on cats and find out more things.

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