UTA Essay Thing

by Rohit Sharda

The first thing I thought on November fourth when we got to UTA  is that i thought it was gonna be fun. However it didn't turn out the way i expected it to turn out                                                The best part about the day was lunch because I got to see an old friend i know from my elementary school, Speer and meet new people. I also liked the science show and found it funny how they made elephant toothpaste,although i didn't believe that they actually had an elephant at UTA. It was very fun in the beginning too because of the way they were moving the camera around the audience and zoomed in on certain people doing silly stuff.                                                                                                                                                  Speaking  about the science show, halfway through the show my butt started hurting from sitting on the ground too long, so I was actually pretty lucky that they let us stand up every now and then because I would've died due to that experience. I was also pretty bummed out that we didn't get to take the campus tour with the other schools and it was all because of the stupid rain. The part that i hated the MOST was the rain because it ruined the activities we were gonna do and it got me wet.                                                                 For next year i suggest that you taker a longer times at UTA cause the students would really enjoy missing ALL of their classes because that is one of the things that they look forward to. Also if it rains again, you should reschedule or you do do more fun activities inside other than science shows and student interviews.                                                                                I don't really plan on attending UTA  yet because i am still looking for a good college. Well, to be honest, i might not even go to college because i am afraid i might not make it into a good one so i am too confident about that.                        

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