EquityStar Momentum Growth Fund

Globally Based Strategy

About EquityStar Momentum Growth Fund

Professionally managed by an award-winning investment team, the EquityStar Momentum Growth Fund provides a select base of institutional, government, and individual clients with a hedged global approach to portfolio management. The firm closely monitors the possibilities inherent in an ever-changing world market, paying particular attention to the dynamic energy sector and the increasing prominence of the Asian economy. It then identifies and recommends investments with a high potential for growth, based on current activity and trends, and the fund’s account managers purchase them for clients' individually managed portfolios.

Incorporating these and a variety of other global products, the EquityStar Momentum Growth Fund actively buys and sells for each portfolio with a protective long/short strategy. All trades are results oriented and data driven and designed to take advantage of high-performing products. By selling promising assets as it sells lower-performing counterparts, the firm strives to balance out falling or stagnating products with those rising in value. In addition, in the case of a falling market, the long/short strategy aims to create a portfolio of strong assets that will remain so when weaker assets lose value. In applying this balanced method, the firm seeks to create client portfolios that behave as independently as possible within a potentially volatile market.

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