Elements and Principles of Design

Here are some real life, environmental Applications of the several elements and principles of design.

Point (represented by the pupil)
line (represnted by the straight train tracks that converge in the distance)
Northern Lights (represented by the use of cool colors
Value (shading on the apple applies depth)
Shape (hands enclosing a 2d shape)
Form (colums contain 3D volume)
Space (field shows depth)
Texture (The surface looks rough, and it would be)
Balance (equal distrubution of elements)
emphasis (balloon draws attention)
Contrast (the difference in the zebras colors)
Rhythm (waves are constant)
Proportion (example of unproportional objects)
Unity (consistency, sameness, togetherness of the paper people pattern)
Economy (simple)
Center of Gravity (weight balanced in the middle of the bird)
Circle (bike wheel)
Obtuse triangle (roof shape)
polygon (pentagon- more than 3 sides)
Round (differs from normally straight columns)

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