Cartier And Hudsin

By Jason Lackey

        Cartier started exploring in 1534-1541. He was supposed to find a north west passage. They said to him "to bring back gold." He had three voyages to find a north west passage. He had found the St.Lawrence river on his first voyage. On his second voyage he traveled up the St.Lawrence river. He went as far as Monteal. On his third voyage in 1541 he visited the St.Lawrence river. He didn't succeed in his voyages.                                                      Hudson had four voyages to find a north west passage. A company in England supported his voyages. In 1608 he sailed to a island east of Greenland. Then he sailed north over the arctic ocean.He failed to find the north passage. On his third voyage he was hired by the Dutch. He sailed across the Hudson river. He sailed the coast of north America.

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