A Day In My Life

By Jaheim Norman

Crossroads@Meade Computer Science

When i woke up on Tuesday i looked at my phone and checked all my social networks. Then i checked the school district website and it said school was closed. I went back to

sleep for a while then i woke up and played the game for a bit. Then i got in the shower when i got out people was texting me and telling me to come outside. I got dressed and stayed in for a couple of minutes then i went outside.

When i went outside i went to my friend house and we was playing 2k14. We played a couple of games then he had to go somewhere. When i left i went to my other friend house and played the game. we played gta5 and was on the phone talking to girls. We had a 2k tournament and the winner is the best in 2k.

I left early because i didn't want to walk so i caught the bus home. When i got home i ate dinner and played the game and listened to music. I got on face time for a bit and then i watched a movie. i fell asleep then i woke back up then watched another movie. when i woke up in the morning i got in the shower got ready for school then i left off to school.

#caatech #xroadsDITL2015

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