My Favorite Season

By: Kadence Pike

When I walk outside it smells like roses, daisies, and tulips blooming. Sometimes you can smell the fresh sunscreen that people are lathering on themselves so they won’t get burnt. It also gets hot and smells like dirt and moistness. Once you get outside you can smell so much sunscreen!

You always see a pool and a sun. People are always running or jogging outside. You can also find people mowing or playing outside.. Maybe even planting flowers. Sometimes you can see heatwaves because of how hot it is!.

During the day you hear kids playing outside and laughter.There is water everywhere, maybe a sprinkler or a blow up pool. You can hear all genres of music on and people at a barbecue cooking all kinds of meat.

When it is hot out people drink lemonade and eat Popsicle. Another favorite food is snowcones especially if you get your favorite flavor. I always think about watermelon and how juicy it is when it is hot out because it is just so good.

I am always happy when it is hot out because that means pool time and I love swimming.. Everyone is always excited because you can go and do a lot of fun things. Although, you might get sad because your friends won’t be able to hang out that day. If your friends aren't home you could feel bored because you don’t have school for 2 months.

The weather is always hot and when I mean hot I mean hot! There is always some humidity. It is very dry out and you feel like you are going to pass out! Sometimes it gets really foggy.

Other people describe it as a no school time for two months. It is so fun during this time because you hang with friends and play outside. People say that it is when a lot of sports are being played or sports practices. Well now Fall is on it’s way so I must go, bye.

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