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hey hey hey hey all you pinxy peminists!!

welcome to pppower's resource page. here you will find helpful links for language learning, culture, & historical reference :) pls comment at the bottom of the page if you have any additions or questions!

as always, be sure to keep the conversation going on our fb group~

xo pppower


(please note that we welcome resources for ALL dialects, though we only have tagalog resources up now!)


  • TAGALOG AT NIU - interactive tagalog learning site from northern illinois university
  • - free podcast, but really, really tries to get you to pay for more features


  • fabulo tagalog (ANDROID) - decent app, though the interface is lacking and some words are misspelled :/ (shouldn't be too big of an issue if you are able to practice with a fluent tagalog speaker regularly irl)



/pinxy + fil-am media



  • rappler - independent journalism for the 21st century





resources below will be annotated by what topic or era of history they cover. the eras/topics are as follows:

  1. pre-spanish
  2. spanish colonization
  3. united states involvement
  4. world war ii
  5. marcos, aquino, & edsa
  6. "post" bases to present
  7. pilipinx diaspora

history books:

source material:

  • America is in the Heart [6-7] carlos bulosan writes about the poverty and hardship he has faced both in the philippines and as a migrant worker in the united states


/intersectional feminism

will be continually gathering resources! watch this space :)