Meet Jack Thomas Kelly

Rocking our world since June 1, 2013.

Welcome to the world, Jackie-boy!

Weighing in at 5 pounds, 9 ounces and 18.5 inches of pure awesome, Jack Thomas Kelly was born on Saturday, June 1, 2013, 10:15 a.m. at Lakewood Hospital. First thing he did was lift his head, look around and lay eyes on his doting dad (while his mom spilled orange juice on him). A bit of a small fry? Well, this silly guy knotted his umbilical cord in the womb. It could have been a scary situation, but Jack bellyflopped into the world very healthy, and made us so very happy.

What's in a name?

Fact: Jack was the first name we picked for a boy — during a passing conversation in December 2011. Many names made it on and off the list while we waited to meet our little guy. We landed on his name about an hour after he arrived: Jack is Ryan's maternal grandfather, Thomas is Gina's maternal grandfather. And a star was born.

One week in Cleveland.

We were ready to ditch the hospital bracelets about 30 minutes after our bebe was born. Two days later, it was time for Jack to take Cleveland. First trip: Target!

Week One included a walk downtown with Uncle Nino for Captain America filming and lunch at Walnut Wednesday. Jack took his first bus ride to his newborn checkup, followed by a visit to CWRU, where he peed on his aunt Katie's laptop and she didn't kick us out. Dad took him to meet coffee and work peeps while mom napped. And we celebrated his one-week birthday with his first restaurant visit before going to Parade the Circle, dad's softball game and Discover Gordon Square Day with Aunt Bryn. It was a pretty low-key week!

Grandparents Week!

Jack's grandpas and oma met him in the hospital, but his grandma had to high-tail it across the country to see him! He spent Week Two being so coddled and cuddled by Grandpa Gino and Grandma Nevenka he didn't want anyone to put him down — ever. We brunched all over Ohio City, checked out the new convention center and visited friends at Main Street Cupcakes, Room Service and the West Side Market, where he attracted more attention than Steve's Gyros.

The week ended with a whole-family cookout at Grandpa Dennis' house, where we took Jack's first photo with his little cousin William. It'll be an annual photo op.

Third week's the charm.

At last: Jackk made it to Tackk! He sat through his first meeting — quite cuddled and quiet — and loved seeing his Tackkuncles. He also experienced urban-grazing sheep on the GardenWalk; the ultimate swaddle with the Blosser family; and his first brewery visit, where uncle Geoff held Jack like a champ.

I'm one month old!

By 10:15 a.m. on July 1, Jack tipped the scales at 7.7 pounds. He celebrated his one-month birthday with a four-ounce shot of breastmilk and big hooray! His once long, adult-like fingers are now chubby little nubs. He likes to use them to reach out and grab things — open mouths, necklaces, shirts, hair — but hasn't started pulling (yet). And his long legs are a week away from having some seriously squeezable rolls on them. Stay tuned!

Ask any of the awesome people he's met the past month: Jack is the snuggliest. He welcomes you to snuggle him soon. You can track his cuteness and adventures @clevelandbaby on Instagram.