settings about Emil and the detectives

The story begins in Newton, a provincial German town which is the home to young schoolboy Emil Tischbein,and then he going to his uncle in berlin,with a lot of money then his confronts problems in Berlin

In my opinion the story took place about 30 years ago.

Identity card

Name: Emil Fisher

Height: 1.70

Weight: 55 KG

Job: help's people

Hobbies: help's his mom,playing basketball,playing football

Favorite food : Pizza and Pasta, Fish&Chips

Thing he likes least: Ridding on bus,learning in school, doing Home work

Dreams: he want to be rich person


Emil fisher had a problem when he got to the train with a lot of money and he went to sleep, when he wakes up, the money and the man are gone. Emil gets off the train in a different part of Berlin from where he intended. When he spots man, he follows him. Emil dares not call the police since the local policeman in Neustadt had seen him paint the nose of a local monument red, so he feels that he is "a kind of criminal" himself. However, a local boy named Gustav offers to help. Gustav assembles 24 local children who call themselves "the detectives".

If it was me I was called to the police and leave to her to do her job!


The climax in my story started on the train when somebody stall Emil's money ,than his run out from the train and Emil followed after the man and lost him.

After that Emil recruited 24 children and find the thief, followed him and find him in one hotel...

After following thief to a hotel and spying on him all night, Emil and the gang follow the thief to the bank. Emil gets his money back when thief tries to exchange the money for smaller bills.

One of the boy detectives follows him into the bank and tells the bank teller that the money is stolen.Emil comes in and tries to tell the bank teller his story.

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