''Cold&LOnely ''

Poems, Mrs Howard 1st ,November 4,2013

Logan's with brown curly hair and green beautiful eyes

Logan's fancy brick house with glass window's

Logan's long hair cover her face

is: a very rich girl, who is lonely in her big fancy house

singing songs when depressed

playing around at night

dancing around to her own beat

plays sad songs all week

running to the door every times she hears a beat.

walks around the house talking to her self

goes outside but there's no play

dresses to entrain her self

because: she at home alone with no comfort.

Logan's beautiful dress

Logan's dress sparkles in the sun

that beautiful body of her's.

in depression but trying to be happy

who's throws her heart away

disappears when times get rough

who's eyes melt like ice

walks to the door but there's nobody's there

who's done writing her task

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