The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By:  Connor S.

Life and dignity of the human person

We should respect and love all people. Somtimes we harm others, physically or emotionally. Instead we should help others who are hurt, being hurt, or in trouble.

"To inspire, encourage, and equip lawyers and law students, both individually and in community, to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study and practice of law, the provision of legal assistance to the poor, and the defense of religious freedom & sanctity of human life."

Call to family, community, and participation

We need to make sure that everyone gets a chance in society. We should also shape the society in a way that helps everybody, especially the people who are less fortunate, poor, or vulnerable.

They encourage others to pray for people who are less fortunate and they also are Understanding the President's Executive Actions on Immigration. They also try to end detention of families.

Rights and responsibilities

All people should have the rights to have food, clothing, shelter, and education. We must have the responsibility to defend these rights and everybody else in the community.

This organization helps kids to help people who are less fortunate and should have the rights to food, clothing, shelter, and education.

Option for the poor and vulnerable

We need to defend and help all of those who are poor and vulnerable because there is a difference between poor and rich and protected and vulnerable. We need to make sure that we put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.

This organization helps people who are homeless and more vulnerable and provides a home for them.

The dignity of work and the rights of workers.

People don't just need to work, but also get paid fair for their work and working in safe conditions. Working is a way for people to participate in God's creation by helping the community and they need to be able to participate in and talk about how to help the community.

This this organization helps people who don't have a job or not a very fair or safe job and gives people the freedom to let people call somebody about their problems in their job.


We must not judge others by what they look like, think, or where they come from. We must love and care for everybody as we do to ourselves and family. Solidarity is to promote peace in a world full of fighting.

This organization is to organize assistance for all the National Olympic Committees. This organization also helps people who maybe get teased or get judged just by their looks sometimes.

Care for God's creation

We must love and show respect for God by loving and respecting others and his creation. We must make sure the earth is a nice and safe place for everybody to live. We must live in unity with all of God's creation and care for God's creation in whatever ways we can.

This organization helps by creating somewhere t0 donate to, to help others and be respectful for others they also do things like this and support when you or others are respecting others.