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Fall Newsletter 2014

Your Media Resource Specialist

Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to send out a quick newsletter and provide you with some information and/or insights about my job, how I can work with you and TEAM with you and your students in the classroom.


For those of you who know me well, know that my FAVORITE thing to do is work with you and your students. In addition to the tech lessons mentioned above on the iPad, I can also...

- Introduce your students to research. I can show them online encyclopedias, kid-friendly search engines and much more. Your classes are always welcome to use the Learning Commons for their research projects. I only ask that you collaborate with me PRIOR to starting to make sure our space is available for you. I always advocate for classes and their collaborative projects to work in the Learning Commons (not just be a place for testing and meetings.)

Resource Provider

* Resource Provider - If you're looking for a book or materials on a topic, but you need some fresh ideas or need help locating something, I can help!

- If you need support with our vast amount of online resources such as Discovery Education, Brain Pop, All in Learning, iStation... I can support you with those programs.


* Collaborator - This one's right up their with team teaching. I love to work with teachers and brainstorm (or brainswarm) ideas to increase the levels of engagement for your students. If you feel like a lesson is "too dry" and needs some "spice," I'd love to talk to you and think of ways to do just that.

I can help you connect with other campuses. If you want to connect with other students and/or teachers at other campuses, I can help you collaborate with them via Twitter, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc.

Curriculum Support

I can support you with any lessons that come up in Forethought that require media or completing projects. I am in the Scope and Sequence portion of Forethought all the time, so let me know if there is anything forthcoming in your curriculum that needs an extra hand in the classroom.

Catalyst for Change

I'm always looking for ways to improve! If we can work smarter, not harder and "think out of the box" in order to increase student engagement and performance, then let's do it! If you have an innovative idea and want support, I'm with you all the way:)


There's always more to learn - whether it's finding a new and better resource, a better app to use with a grade level or particular lesson or a better way to teach a concept. I certainly don't know everything and tech and what's always best, but I'll try to find out! I'll figure it out or find the right experts to ask, whether those people are right here in MISD or if I reach out to my Twitter PLN.

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