Baratheon group Social Studies thing Mr. Klumper is the best yay friends!

Tony is also cool though and castles yay

The castes were really the main part of the Medieval times other than the Black Death. The main part of the castle was the Bailey. The safest place in the castle was the Keep. Most castes had something around the castle called the Moat. The moat was a trench around the outside of the castle filled with water or feces-filled water. Just in case you didn't know, feces is human (or any animal) poop. The room that the royal's siblings slept in was the Solar. The king/queen slept in the Great Hall. Most castles also had a 20 feet thick wall called the curtain wall. For defenses, you would want to get the high ground so you could throw rocks and stuff down at their faces and throw them off. They also had "murder holes" where there would be archers with crossbows shooting the attacking people. This has been Tony and I am from Dragonstone 8th period yay!

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