Unexpected morning

I woke up like 3 minutes ago( so I won't be late for school and not oversleep)! What's up peeps. I really looking forward to my daily tea. Yeah, I know I'm 12 years old I might be too young to have tea every day. But if you have a Keurig at your home ( like I do), and if you are at least 11, start buying Apple Cider K-Cups or even CARAMEL Apple Cider. Today is an A Day at my school, so that means that I have to bring my flute because I have band and I have gym( I'll just put on a T-Shirt and jeans and bring some shorts with me) because right now it's chilly and rainy where I am. Anyways, peeps, do good on your tests, don't procrastinate, please don't date any boys yet especially if you're in middle school like me. Trust me, the relationship would probably not last that long.