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The measure of one of the congruent angles is 54°. What are all of the angles equal to?


1. First set of congruent angles - 54 degrees Second set of congruent angles - 126 degrees

Angle "x" is 20 degrees. Angle "y" is twice as large as angle "x". What are the measurements of all the angles?

Answer -

Angle x - 20 degrees Angle y - 40 degrees Angle j and Angle z - 60 degrees

What is the relationship between angle "x" and angle "y"?

Answer -

Congruent (90 degrees)

What is the measure of angle "x"?

Answer - 80 degrees

Name one of the postulates you could use to determine these triangles congruent.

Answer (may vary) - Angle-Side-Angle

Which lines are parallel?

Answer - Line P and Line D

What are the other angle measurements?

Answer -

60 degrees

What is the sum of angle "x" and angle "y"?

Answer -

180 degrees

If all these shapes are squares, is this a tessellation? (Disregard the dividers between the squares.)

Answer -


Can you state that these triangles are congruent?

Answer -

No (not enough given information)

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