The explorer Spain deserves.

This is my Individuals and Societies project for Ms. Hershberger.
By : Sanjiv Rao

 Dear King Phillip II of Spain,    

   Your majesty, my name is Sanjiv Rao and I am from Edinburgh, Scotland. My excellency, I would like to have your hand in sponsorship for my journey to the New World. I will travel in the year of 1560 and will be completely loyal to you and the kingdom you rule. My lord King Phillip II, I will look for natural resources, gold, and the seven cities of gold. I believe that you feel you are not getting money out of taxes, I will try to find gold and I will give you 70% of it all.  It will provide money and the resources will also help in the upcoming war. Since the other explorers from England and France are also trying to get to the New World. The faster you decide, the faster we can try to get rich. If I do encounter another explorer from a different country then I will try to just talk but if it gets messy I will defend my crew and I. The other countries will also want to look for gold as something they really want. I might encounter sea monsters so I will try to avoid or get past them as best as I can. I will go up the water near St. Augustine and will claim the land for King Phillip II and Spain. I will try to return with resources and riches. Your majesty I am the most qualified and best explorer you could ever find so please consider my option.

                                            From the best,

                                                           Sanjiv Rao

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