Australian Experience

Millions of people flee their homes each year in order to escape war, genocide, natural disasters or violence. These people are known as refugees - seeking refuge in a country that provides safety for themselves and their family. Australia is a very fortunate country that is free from the majority of these negative conflicts, this results in many refugees coming to Australia as they feel it provides a safe environment. I chose to write about this experience because I wanted to find out how Australia is from the perspective of an immigrant. They leave their home country and come to Australia with little knowledge of our culture, in hope that it provides a safe haven. Growing up in Australia is a much different perspective to those who are foreign.

Many people don't like the idea of immigrants coming to our country and we have formed a name for them as 'boat people'. When we look at how much our immigration policy costs many people only think 'taxes', and not that we should help these poor people and make them easier to get here! Out thoughts towards immigrants make us look nasty and racist. It puts a bad image on our country. As safe as our country may be, we are becoming so selfish that immigrants won't want to come here because they simply won't be welcomed. We need to remember the conditions they are coming from and reach out to one another as human beings. This perspective shows that our Australian ways of 'giving everyone a fair go' clearly excludes immigrants from this idea.

This perspective in comparison to my own is very different. If feel very strongly that each individual human being has the same rights, it just depends on where we are born that these rights can affect our lives. I believe that I am very fortunate to be born into such a wonderful country that doesn't need to worry about war or injustices. Those who aren't lucky enough need as much acceptance as possible to feel welcome in a foreign environment. As 'multicultural' people say Australia is, we need to accept immigrants because they are what make up the diversity of our country.

The most interesting thing that I have learnt through this unit of work 'Australian voice' is about Australian identity and about events in our history that we feel ashamed of. I enjoyed writing the blog on this topic because I could easily express my criticism towards the events involved with Indigenous Australians. I liked the triple J Hack discussions that brought some ideas from other people in relation to the topic. It was interesting to find out what makes us Australian and what people relate to us. This generally referred to 'laid back', 'relaxed' etc.