The life of Julianna...

One picture at a time.

This is me in the hospital, I wasn't able to get released right away due to my Heart Disease, but once I was home I slept great in my crib.

  • This is my mom(Janice) and I. I wrecked my bike, and this is a picture I sent my dad while he was stationed in Korea.
  • This is my dad(Rick) before he retired after 20 years in the military.
  • This is my oldest sister Molly.
  • And this is my other sister Tiffany, as you can see I was always attached to their hip.
  • This is my first birthday cake..
  • My first time on a boat..
  • And my first time coloring Easter eggs.
  • I used to chill in my swing,
  • Play on my jungle gym, and hanging out with my grandpas.
  • But now I enjoy fishing,
  • Hanging out with my girlfriend(Emilee) and amusement parks.
  • Especially Disney World.
  • Some of my other hobbies consist of:
  • Swimming
  • Playing softball
  • Spending time with my neice and nephews
  • And playing with my puppy Jax
  • This is some of my life throughout the years, I can not wait to see what my future holds.

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