Eric Madura

Client Services Manager at Merchant Services

About Eric Madura

Eric Madura is the Client Services Manager at Merchant Services in Irvine; a premier merchant processing company. Eric Madura has more than 11 years of experience in customer service. Through his role at Merchant Services, Eric Madura is dedicated to providing superior customer service and specializes in protecting his clients and assisting them with loss prevention, fraud protection, achieving high levels of data security for their businesses, along with assisting them in caring for any of their day-to-day merchant processing needs. 

Eric lives in Southern California with his family. Aside from his love for writing, Eric also loves to produce his own music, is an avid fan of soccer and volunteers as a youth soccer coach and referee. Eric is also a big fan of NASCAR and enjoys driving around Southern California on his 4-wheeler. Most importantly, Eric enjoys being a father and spending time with his family. Besides his personal blog, he is also active on various social media channels including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.As for his professional life, Eric Madura and Merchant Services are two concepts that quickly become fused together as one.

People find different and unique ways to relax after a long day at work. Some prefer to watch television or listen to music; some decide to go to the gym and work off a long busy day. There are others who prefer to engage their minds by working on an activity that not only calms them but also provides a sense of satisfaction.  Eric Madura is a gifted writer enjoys pondering some of the more whimsical aspects of life in Southern California. His blog is a compilation of his thoughts and musings on issues that he finds intriguing and worthy of discussion.

His blogs reflect his deep ponderings as a father, and are presented effortlessly. The blog is incredibly interesting and covers a wide and varied range of topics . Besides writing on subjects like kindness to others, the challenges of parenting and the importance of personal accountability, he’s tackled plenty of lighter topics including his love for nature and even Hollywood.

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