Erica Desai - Volunteer Opportunities Around the World

Erica Desai

Erica Desai is a healthcare professional with a huge passion for volunteering. Over the years, she has volunteered not only in the health field, but also with community outreach organizations with a Hindu base, such as BAPS, Vraj Camp, and Vallabh Youth. Desai loves volunteering for many different reasons: it gives her the opportunity to help others, make new friends, and do something new and exciting. There are many different ways to volunteer, so no matter what your talents or skills, there is something that you can do to help others and give your time.

  • Erica Desai became involved in volunteering by working in a hospital. Health care centers such as hospitals and clinics almost always need volunteers to keep everything running smoothly, and jobs can range from spending time with patients to organizing events to learning the ropes of actual medical care, as Desai did. If you are very compassionate, hard-working, and friendly, this may be a good volunteer option for you.
  • If you like spending time with animals, you should consider giving your time to a shelter. Most animal shelters are regularly seeking volunteers to help with a variety of different tasks. Not only will you get to spend time with adorable critters, which will make you happy, you will also make their lives much more pleasant and comfortable.
  • If you like kids, many schools, after-school programs, camps, and daycares also need volunteers. Many elementary school teachers have volunteers help grade papers, keep the classroom organized, or play with the kids at recess. If you have a specific interest in a sport or an art, there is also likely an after-school program where you can share your talents with kids. Many summer camps also need counselors and resident advisors, which are often fun ways to make new friends as well as volunteer in a high-energy environment.
  • Like hospitals, many senior centers also need volunteers. Often, they just need people to spend time with their patients, which is something that is easy to do and can often be fun. You also may know an elderly person that needs help running errands – this is an easy and convenient way to help someone else and brighten their day.
  • If you have a creative talent, use it for good by donating your work! Erica Desai loves to draw and paint – if you love to create, you can donate your work to those who could use it, or sell it and donate the proceeds to an organization that you care about. If you are a performing artist, you can also perform for those who are down on their luck – it will brighten their day and give you another great performing opportunity.

Erica Desai - Recreational Volleyball

Erica Desai

Erica Desai puts in long hours each day at Duke University Medical Center where she is employed as a healthcare worker. So when she gets some time to herself, she likes to make the most of it. During the summer months she enjoys inviting a group of friends over on the weekends, to grill and to play some volleyball.

Erica Desai began playing volleyball as a student in High School. "I really enjoyed it," she says. She is not a naturally competitive person but says that the camaraderie and esprit de corps she felt with her teammates was infectious. "So I always looked at it as being me against the ball. Can my teammates and I get it back across the net? Can we do it without hitting the ball more than three times? Once I took that approach then it began to be a lot of fun, and I still love to play."

When her friends are over they play informal games, but still play by the rules that Erica Desai learned in high school. Points are only awarded to the serving team at the end of a volley, or rally. The size of the volleyball court they use isn't always official, because it really isn't a court; it's the back yard at her house. "The yard is big enough for a court, but a couple of trees are in the way, so we fudge on that one," she laughs.

But it's all in good fun, and as far as Erica Desai is concerned, that is the way that it should be.

Erica Desai - Heading Out To The Mall

Erica Desai

Erica Desai is a healthcare social worker who is employed at Duke University Medical Center, where she has worked for the last two years. She says that on Saturday afternoons, she loves nothing better than to head to the mall, check her brain at the door, and go shopping.

"Well, I don't really check my brain at the door," she laughs. "But I do go into a very instinctual mode." She says that she is especially fond of shopping for clothing – shoes in particular – but also enjoys looking at household furnishing, furniture, and making mental notes about what might be a good gift for a friend's birthday a few months down the road.

Erica Desai is amused by scientific studies that suggest one of the reasons women, in general, like shopping more than men has to do with the way their brains are wired. "This study says we like to shop because in ancient hunter-gatherer societies, the women were the ones responsible for gathering food. It says that socializing was a big part of that. Which means what – that's the reason why my girlfriends and I like to head out to the mall together? I think that's silly."

But she acknowledges that it does appear to be true that women, in general, like shopping more than men do. One of the details in that study really stuck out for Erica Desai. She says the author of the study concluded that women buy certain items not so much to make themselves attractive to males, but to get an edge over other women. “The jury is still out on that one,” she says with a smile. “But if it’s true, it’s kind of scary, isn’t it?”

Coping with Chronic Illnesses

Noncompliance has always been a significant challenge in chronic disease care, and it's one of the issues that many health care professionals encounter. Whether you are dealing with diabetes or heart disease, getting through to a patient can be difficult. It's been said that, as health care professionals, we take credit for our patients' successes and blame them for our failures. How often have you heard a co-worker say something like, “I got just can't seem to get Mr. Jones to be compliant.” The truth is that, in most cases, the responsibility is shared by the health care professional and the patient.

Think about two of your patients who have, say, chronic heart disease. Focus on one patient whose condition is well managed and another whose condition is not well managed. Now try to find what the differences are between the two. Why is one more successful at living with the disease than the other? Very often, the main difference is the patient's level of involvement and responsibility for his or her own well-being.


1. The old models of social work where case workers tell patients what to do and try to motivate them to change, does not work.

2. Patients need to be informed participants in the health care process, because their day-to-day decisions have a tremendous impact on their health.

3. Case workers can help patients take charge of their illnesses by encouraging them to set self-management goals.

For more than two years, Erica Desai has worked as a health care professional at Duke University Medical Center. She works closely with patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease and other chronic and acute conditions. She also assists patients after being discharged from the hospital, by making arrangements for health care and medical equipment in their homes. The most important part of her job is to give people hope. She has always wanted to help people and improve the qualities of other people’s lives.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - Empathy for Others

Erica Desai became a healthcare worker because of her great empathy for people. She has worked at Duke University Medical Center since receiving her Master of Social Work in 2014, and says that it is an ideal job for her. Erica says, “I wanted a career with a real sense of purpose that came from doing good things for others, because at the end of the day you feel good about yourself, that you did something for someone else. She attended the University North Carolina, where she received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Erica Desai

Top Travel Destinations in India

India is the world’s seventh-largest country in the world, from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, and from the sacred Ganges to the Thar Desert. Its home to more than one billion people who are divided up into two thousand ethnic groups, speaking more than 200 different languages.

If you take India's size and population, you can just about imagine the endless variety of cultures, monuments, landscapes and places to explore. From fascinating religious structures, ancient ruins, exotic cities and diverse landscape there is an endless amount of tourist attractions in India.

The Lake Palace in Lake Pichola in the city of Udaipur was once a royal summer palace, but today operates as a luxury 5 Star hotel. The palace became famous in 1983 when it was featured in the James Bond film Octopussy.

The Virupaksha Temple in the city of Hampi was built under the Vijayanagara rulers and is believed to have been functioning ever since it was built in the 7th century AD, which makes it one of the oldest functioning Hindu temples in India.

The Ajanta Caves are rock-cut cave monuments that date back to the 2th century BC. The majestic Ajanta caves were abandoned around 650 AD, leaving behind well preserved murals that depict everything from battlefields to sailing ships, city streets and animal-filled forests.

Erica Desai works as a health care professional, helping patients that are coping with chronic illnesses. She is proud of her Indian heritage and finds ways to preserve its values here in the United States.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - BAPS

Erica Desai is active in many volunteer opportunities that line up with her Hindu faith. One of those is with, a website dedicated to a Hindu organization that celebrates its roots in the Vedas and are dedicated to spirituality and social service. As the official BAPS website reads:

“Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) is a socio-spiritual Hindu organization with its roots in the Vedas. It was revealed by Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781-1830) in the late 18th century and established in 1907 by Shastriji Maharaj (1865-1951). Founded on the pillars of practical spirituality, the BAPS reaches out far and wide to address the spiritual, moral and social challenges and issues we face in our world. Its strength lies in the purity of its nature and purpose. BAPS strives to care for the world by caring for societies, families and individuals. Its universal work through a worldwide network of over 3,850 centers has received many national and international awards and affiliation with the United Nations. Today, a million or more Swaminarayan followers begin their day with puja and meditation, lead upright, honest lives and donate regular hours in serving others. No Alcohol, No Addictions, No Adultery, No Meat, No Impurity of body and mind are their five lifetime vows. Such pure morality and spirituality forms the foundation of the humanitarian services performed by BAPS.”

Erica Desai also volunteers with and, two other Hindu organizastions that help them practice their faith together and spread the word of the Vedas.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - Artistic Talent

Erica Desai is very good at many things; however her artistic abilities have time and time again proven that she is more than what meets the eye. She has shown her talents in music, painting and the culinary arts; and she has repeatedly wowed those there to appreciate her work. Below, she shares the styles of these arts that she most prefers, and the therapeutic benefits of engaging in each one of these activities.


As a classically-trained singer and dancer, Erica Desai has a style of her own that mixes the energy and emotion of indie music with the soothing soul of R&B. She plays with a band that has performed all over clubs in Richmond’s rich indie music scene; and she has also performed at piano lounges and other classy establishments. While she has the talent to go further with her music, she says she is happy just playing for fun.


Cooking has always been a passion of Erica Desai, and with her rich Indian and Hindu culture she knows how to cook many delicious foods from that region and culture of the world. She specializes in vegetarian dishes that are savory and spicy; delicious and healthy.


Another talent that Erica Desai harbors is her ability to paint. She has always appreciated the visual arts; and she started drawing at a young age which eventually turned into a passion for painting. She uses a variety of different colors, canvasses, brushes, types of paint and strokes to make outstanding, colorful paintings of people and landscapes.

Erica Desai

Young Single Professionals-The Benefits of a Career-Focused Mindset

The shift in age for marriage and childbirth has steadily increased. As many young adults now choose to build a stronger foundation in their careers and education before marrying and family life, we can see the many benefits of more stable, well education adults entering into committed relationships.

While child rearing as a young adult has its merits, older, more mature adults in their prime often find themselves more capable of sustaining the needs of a growing family.

It seems that adults that choose to marry at an older age may also have a better sense of self and the value of their hard work.

Erica Desai, a single professional in the healthcare field, chose to spend her college years focused on education and her career rather than starting a family in her early twenties.

These choices for Desai, and arguably many young adults in her position, have helped to create a better-rounded and outward focused mindset than she may have otherwise experienced if her focus had revolved around supporting a family.

Now a successful healthcare professional with a focus on social work, Desai has been able to build a resume with numerous volunteer and social opportunities. Her accomplishments may have been a more prevalent part of life than that of a young, married wife or mother.

When the time comes for these young adults to settle down if they so choose, they will have invaluable educational and life experiences to bring into their relationships and to pass on to their children.

The maturity of older adults and the time they have taken to "discover" themselves may also prove to create stronger and longer-lasting marriages. This premise is something we may begin to realize as this generation progresses into older adulthood.

Erica Desai - Seva

Erica Desai’s tendency to engage in volunteerism comes from more than simply a means of offering her talents to the common good; it comes from a deep-rooted Hindu tradition of selfless service. With her work at, a website dedicated to the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, she has been able to carry out her mission to better the lives of those around her by enabling others to do the same. BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha is a spiritual organization driven by the Hindu faith and put in place to help individuals grow and become unified and loving servants of their community. Seva is the term that most encompasses their devotion to helping others, and the term is defined on their website:

“Seva, or selfless service to society, is a cornerstone of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. Bhagwan Swaminarayan initiated this tradition of integrating service with spirituality in the late 18th century through a groundbreaking program of social work. Today, Pramukh Swami Maharaj continues this tradition through a wide range of humanitarian activities including: (1) health and wellness; (2) education; (3) environmental awareness; (4) community empowerment and (5) disaster relief. Together with its international and independent partner BAPS Charities, BAPS and its tens of thousands of volunteers continue to uphold this Spirit of Service, enriching their own lives and the lives of those they serve.”

Erica Desai is proud to provide the morals of seva to herself and her community. She believes it is a universal way of bringing people together to help each other.

Erica Desai - Cooking as A Hobby

Cooking is frequently just viewed as something we have to do, but seldom as a hobby. It can however be an interesting hobby for many reasons. Learning the basics of cooking can be a great way to eat healthier. Cooking at home is much cheaper than ordering out. Then there is the joy of trying new recipes for your friends and family, or even coming up with your own. If you build a good foundation, and discover a passion for cooking, you may even decide to go into a highly lucrative career as a chef or start your own business as a caterer.

When looking at cooking as a hobby, you need to learn all the types of cooking involved, how to shop for the right ingredients, and the utensils and supplies you will need to do everything from scratch. Cooking is a useful hobby, it has evolved so much throughout the years offering plenty of avenues for creativity.

The best way to enjoy cooking as a hobby is through trial and error. You will also need to learn basic skills and get used to handling the ingredients and knowing how to prepare your food. Another option is to enroll for cooking classes where they teach you the basic techniques and simple recipes. Either way, learning to cook can soothe the mind and relax you after a long week.

Erica Desai loves cooking in her spare time. She always tries to cook and try out new recipes on friends and family. She tries to read up on where particular foods come from and how it is grown or raised. Another facet of cooking she appreciates is the ability to be creative. She is also a practicing vegetarian.

Adding Variety to your life! - Experience a New culture

How many of us reluctantly sat through a required Spanish or French class in high school, missing out on the unique opportunity to soak up a new culture and spice up our lives?

Often as adults, we can see the benefit of things we may have taken for granted in our youth. How nice it would be now to know that second language!

One fantastic way to enrich your life is joining (or starting) a local Spanish club!

For students, a Spanish club in school is an easy way to see the real world application of what you have learned in the classroom. Some club activities might entail field trips to local cultural festivals, "pot luck" style meetings including authentic Spanish cuisine or a trip to a museum with cultural exhibits. Even a simple lunch at a nearby Spanish restaurant can be a learning experience!

Adults may find activities a little more difficult to come by, however, community clubs are a wonderful way to connect with locals who share the same interest, and to learn more about a particular subject.

For adults, activities in a Spanish club could include a night out at a nice Spanish restaurant or dancing at a local Spanish themed night club. A club could host classes that promote the Spanish language and help adults begin a conversational knowledge of Spanish, or even fundraisers to help local Spanish communities in need.

As Spanish Club Vice President, Erica Desai worked hard to help create an environment where students could experience the food, history, art, and culture of Spanish-speaking people. In addition to learning Spanish and planning culture events for children.

The opportunities are endless with a bit of creativity, and the added sense of purpose and the added variety is sure to create a break in your normal, daily routine!

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - Donating Time to Various Organizations

Erica Desai works hard to balance her career, her hobbies, and her volunteer work. She believes that it is important to take the time to help others and to work with community organizations. There are always great options for anyone who wishes to volunteer. She regularly volunteers with three different organizations, Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS), Vraj Youth, and Vallabh Youth.

BAPS is a socio-spiritual Hindu Organization. They sincerely serve society and help those who are in need. They also provide spiritual services for their community and their volunteers. BAPS strives to reach out to local communities in order to address the moral, spiritual, and social challenges that many people face on a daily basis.

Their humanitarian services include, health and wellness, education, community empowerment, environmental awareness, and disaster relief. They care for individuals, families and societies. BAPS is a worldwide organization and is highly awarded by the United Nations.

Vraj Youth is a Hindu organization that is dedicated to helping local communities learn about and preserve their heritage. The Vraj Youth Committee was formally established in 2005, and soon became a permanent part of the Vraj family. In an effort to protect the Vraj and Indian heritage, they devote time and volunteer hours to cultural and spiritual events. Vraj Youth offers a summer camp, which educates its campers about Vraj traditions and heritage.

Each year, they need volunteers to care for the children and to help organize events. This organization also offer scholarships for Indian youth. They have three types of awards, a merit based scholarship for undergraduates, a community service scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students, and the scholar’s scholarship for graduate students. This organization is dedicated to serving their community and preserving their culture and heritage.

Another organization that is dedicated to helping the youth is the Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO). This organization focuses on youth awareness and youth guidance in India as well as several other countries. The volunteers of this organization work to help young people cope with all of the demands and anxieties that they are faced with in everyday life. Young people have access to education, counseling, spiritual guidance, and inspiration.

The VYO is established in 27 countries around the world and hope to reach out to as many young people as they possibly can. The VYO also offer spiritual services to the members of their local community and education about Indian heritage and culture. The VYO is dedicated to giving back to their community and helping members of the Indian community connect with one another.

I volunteered because I enjoy helping people,” says Erica Desai.

“I was first assigned to places where the volunteer department needed me, and then, after a while, they asked me to pick an area I was interested in,” says Erica, who three summers later chose to volunteer in the Cardio-Pulmonary Department. By the time I left Cardio-Pulmonary, Erica was pretty sure I wanted to do something in the Cardiology Department. Erica logged 350 hours in the lab, volunteering to such an outstanding degree that I was hired by the department. My first tasks were to learn about the equipment in the lab, including how to use a 3D camera and other videography gear.

Erica Desai is active in her community. She regularly volunteers her time to multiple organizations and hopes to be able to reach out to many people. She spends a lot of time counseling and working with local youth.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - National Honor Society

Erica Desai has always been a high achiever. She holds a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina and is currently working toward her certification in Invasive Cardiovascular Care

As a high school student, Erica Desai maintained a 4.0 grade point average and was a member of the National Honor Society, the premier organization in the United States for recognizing outstanding scholastic achievement by high school students. But as she knows, there is more to the National Honor Society than just good grades.

There are four basic requirements for students to get into the NHS, she says. They must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement through their grade point average, of course, which was never a problem for Erica Desai. But students must also demonstrate leadership skills, which she did by organizing food drives at school and by being the team captain of the girl's volleyball team.

Students are also required to provide service to their community in some demonstrable way. Once again, Erica Desai did this through her volunteer work with a local food bank and at a local homeless shelter. Her supervisors all noted her ability to work well with others and to take on difficult responsibilities, and to do so cheerfully. Finally, she underwent a character evaluation by the faculty and administration of her school. All were impressed by her ability to take constructive criticism graciously and to demonstrate high moral and ethical standards, and show courtesy to all who were around her.

After enrolling at the University of North Carolina in 2008, Erica Desai continued her outstanding scholastic work. She made the university's Dean's list four semesters in a row and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in public health and a 3.8 grade point average.

Erica Desai - Relieving Stress with Art

Erica Desai works in the health care field in Richmond, Virginia. Her career involves heart care at one of the nation’s leading hospitals. Her day to day life is filled with stress. After a long day at the hospital, she likes to come home to work on her art. Painting and drawing are great ways to unwind and relieve the tensions of the day.

Art is an expression of emotion. When you sit down to sketch something new, you are focusing on technique and using your feelings to dictate an image. This focus will drain away the stresses from work, school, and life in general. Sketching takes time, and practice, but once you have created something beautiful, you will have an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Painting is a fantastic way to relieve tension and stress. You can either paint methodically and carefully, or you can let your emotions run wild and create something active and abstract. If you have a defined image that you want to create, you can sit down with a sketch and painstakingly fill it in. You will have to focus on the shading and the color choices as well as the perspective of the painting. The focus and care you use will make you forget about anything that was troubling you.

If you are raging with emotion, grab a brush and a palette and just start slapping paint onto a canvas. You will create something wild and enticing, while working out any stress or anger that built up throughout the day.

Art has always been a way to express feelings. Some people enjoy looking at calming paintings in order to unwind. Other people enjoy creating as an emotional outlet. Erica Desai loves to paint and draw, it is a great way for her to relax.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - Shopping in Virginia

Erica Desai is young and single and lives on the east coast. This area of the United States is filled with great shopping centers and antique malls. No matter what your style is or what you are shopping for, you will always find something fantastic.

On the east coast, the states are all small and close together. It is incredibly easy to get from one place to another, which means there are endless opportunities for shopping. The east coast is also the home of the thirteen colonies, where the British first settled. Therefore, all of the antique malls in this area are filled with gorgeous colonial and Queen Anne style furniture. When you browse through the numerous antique malls, you will always find something historic and amazing.

If you are more interested in clothing, shoes, and jewelry, you can drive up to Washington, DC. It is a two hour drive from Richmond, and for a good chunk of that time, you will be driving along a beautiful and lush river. DC is a bustling city filled with museums, shopping, and restaurants. You can start your day by strolling through a few museums on the Smithsonian mall in the morning, or if you want a nice invigorating walk, you can head over to the national zoo. Then you can go find all of your favorite stores in the Fashion Center at Pentagon City. When you get hungry, grab lunch at one of the dozens of highly rated restaurants in the area.

Erica Desai loves shopping for great new outfits and takes advantage of the proximity of the great shopping centers on the east coast.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - A Health Care Career

A career in health care is a great option for people who want to help others. Erica Desai is a young health care professional and works hard to help her patients. She wants to make her patients feel better and educate as many people as she can about heart health.

Building a career in the health care field can be a long and difficult process, but the benefits are worth it. Not only is there a high level of job security in health care, but there is also the opportunity to help others. The health care field is tailor made for people who are willing to go the extra mile for those around them.

Most job opportunities in this field require a specific education. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing or medicine. Most career paths will require a master’s degree as well. If you wish to go into anesthesiology, or advanced nursing, you should plan on going to graduate school. Becoming a doctor requires even more time. You will need to get a bachelor’s degree and then apply to medical school. Once accepted you will spend four years in medical school, and then three years completing a residency. If you want to specialize in a field, you will then have to spend an additional three to four years working on a fellowship.

Working in the health care field is incredibly satisfying, and you do not have to be a doctor to help people. You can work as a nurse, caring for the sick, and educating people about how to maintain their health. Erica Desai loves being a health care professional. It is a great way for her to combine her passion for helping others and her career.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - The Importance of A Healthy Heart

Erica Desai

Erica Desai is a passionate young medical professional specializing in heart care based in Durham, North Carolina. Through her work at a prestigious heart care center in the area, as well as her volunteer experience with the American Heart Association, Desai has learned the importance of keeping your heart healthy, as well as how to take care of your heart for long-term good hearth health and function.

There are many simple ways to keep your heart healthy. The best way to maintain a healthy heart is to exercise often and eat a healthy diet with a wide variety of good nutrients. Exercise, especially cardio, helps keep the heart strong and fast. It is also important to eat healthy, because unhealthy foods with high amounts of cholesterol and fat can clog arteries, which can lead to heart disease. There are plenty of foods that are particularly good for heart health, including nuts, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, etc.), blueberries, oatmeal, dark chocolate, olive oil, and many more.

There are also several behaviors that should be avoided for good heart health. One of the most important of these is smoking. Smoking can be extremely detrimental to the cardiovascular system because it increases blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks. It is also important to drink alcohol only in moderation. While small to moderate amounts of alcohol, particularly red wine, can be good for heart health due to a polyphenol called resveratrol, large amounts of alcohol can be very harmful. It is best to just stick to one or two drinks per day, at the very most. Another very important thing to avoid for heart health is high amounts of sugar and fat. Sugar in large amounts increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, which is extremely bad for your heart and can lead to greater problems like heart attacks and heart disease. Harmful fats can clog arteries, leading to heart disease.

Certain people are at higher risk for heart disease and other heart problems than others. The older you are, the higher your risk of heart problems will be. In particular, women over age 55 and men over age 45 should be aware of the risks of heart disease. Those who have a family history of heart problems are also at a higher risk of heart problems, so it is important to know if your relatives have had heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, or other cardiovascular issues. Everyone, but especially those who are at high risk for heart problems, should get regular checkups to eliminate the possibility of any problems and get advice from a health professional. Erica Desai regularly helps patients achieve healthy hearts and prevent future problems through her work at a heart health center.

Erica Desai - My Favorite Indian Foods

Erica Desai loves cooking in her free time, and her family hails from India, so one of her favorite cuisines to make is Indian food. Indian food is known and beloved around the world for its rich and intense flavors and spices. Many popular Indian dishes are also vegetarian in keeping with Hindu practices, so they are great for those who cannot or choose not to eat meat. Some of the most important components of Indian cuisine are spices such as cumin, chili, and black mustard seed, rice, and whole wheat flour.

One of Desai’s favorite Indian dishes is chole bhature. This is a great dish to eat for breakfast or lunch because it is filling and nutritious. It consists of a spiced curry made from chickpeas and a fried flat bread. The bread balances out the spices of the curry, leaving one feeling warm, full, and satisfied after eating. Another popular Indian dish is biryani. Biryani combines the Indian staple food of rice with saffron and chicken or mutton (there are also vegetarian versions). This dish is perfect to make for dinners or large gatherings, because it is a big crowd pleaser and serves large numbers of people. Finally, for a snack, Desai enjoys making Dhokla. This is a light and fluffy snack made from chickpea batter and fermented rice. It is great for parties or just as a very light breakfast, because it isn’t filling but has a nice flavor to it. Erica Desai loves making Indian food and experimenting with cooking new dishes.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - My Favorite Things to Do In Durham

Erica Desai is a young professional in the health care field living in the city of Durham, North Carolina. In her free time, she has many hobbies, ranging from volunteering to cooking to shopping. There are many wonderful things to do in Durham, and Desai is enjoying exploring the city and finding new things to do there. Although Durham often gets overlooked for bigger nearby cities like Washington, D.C., there are actually many wonderful hidden gems in the area and it is a great place to live.

Durham is one of the oldest cities in America, and it is also one of the most historic, so there are many historical attractions in the area. Virginia was particularly noted for its involvement in the Civil War, because it is on the border between the Confederate states and the Union states. History buffs in Durham can enjoy the American Civil War Museum, the Virginia Historical Society, the John Marshall House, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, and Tredegar Iron Works.

For those who enjoy museums in general, Durham has many to choose from. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is wonderful for anyone interested in art and culture, the Science Museum of Virginia offers fun and interesting science exhibits for kids and adults alike, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the United States. After exploring all of the culture that Durham has to offer, Erica Desai enjoys exploring Durham's shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, which are fun and vibrant.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - Why I Like Volunteering With Kids

Healthcare worker Erica Desai has many passions outside of her job, one of which is volunteering. She volunteers with many different organizations, but two of the organizations that she has worked with, the Vraj Camp and the Vallabh Youth Organization, specifically focus on outreach to children and teens in the Hindu community in America. Desai loves giving her time to all types of people, but she enjoys working with children because of their energy and joy. She also does not get to work with children in her job in a hospital, so volunteering with them gives her a chance to do so.

The Vraj Camp is located in Pennsylvania and promotes the exploration of Indian culture and heritage by Hindu youth, as well as community service and outreach. Desai enjoyed volunteering there because of the immersive camp experience, which allowed her to really get to know the kids. The Vallabh Youth Organization is based in India with branches all over the world, and promotes spirituality and Hindu culture for young people. Both of these organizations also help Desai connect with her own Indian heritage and Hindu beliefs.

Desai loves these unique opportunities to interact with kids and teens and make a positive difference in their lives. She finds that being around children is very uplifting and can be a great way to de-stress after work. In the future, Erica Desai is interested in continuing to volunteer at these organizations, and at others that reach out to kids and teens.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai is a young professional working in the health care field and living in Richmond, Virginia. She has many hobbies and interests outside of work, many of which involve creativity, such as drawing, painting, coloring, and singing. Desai loves to participate in these activities in her free time for many different reasons. She finds that they help her relax and de-stress after a long day of work, but they also are more engaging and mentally stimulating than watching television or surfing the internet. Creative hobbies, specifically coloring, have seen a resurgence in popularity recently, as many people are discovering that they are a great way to relieve stress and provide a distraction from a hectic workday.

There are a wide variety of fun and easy creative tasks out there that are known to be good for stress relief. If you enjoy visual arts, like Erica Desai, then you will likely enjoy coloring, drawing or sketching, painting, or graphic design and animation. If you like working with your hands, try taking up pottery, sewing, jewelry making, or woodwork. If you prefer performing, take a music or acting class. All of these things have their own individual benefits, and are an easy way to add something fun into your life after a long day at work.

Individuals who pursue creative hobbies and interests are known to be generally more relaxed and manage stress better than those who do not. Creativity also improves mental focus and productivity, both of which have benefits that can translate into other aspects of life as well. Those who are creative are also more likely to feel happy and content. Making creativity a part of your routine is one of the best ways to improve your overall well-being, as well as increase your performance at work.

There are opportunities everywhere to take up a new hobby. If you have the time and money, you can take an introductory class in a pursuit that interests you. Learning from an expert can be a great way to get hooked on the subject, and you will likely learn techniques that will allow you to create more advanced work. But if you aren’t fully committed to taking an art class, try looking up basic project in a book or on the internet. With the popularity of YouTube, you are likely to find a tutorial demonstrating the technique you want to learn. You can also start a new hobby with a friend – you can motivate each other to keep working on your projects, and enjoy spending time together while being creative.

Erica Desai loves spending time being creative, whether she is sketching, painting, or even singing with her friends.

Erica Desai - Stress Relief Through Creative Hobbies

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - Where to Shop in Richmond

Erica Desai is a 24-year-old healthcare professional based in the city of Richmond, Virginia. One of her favorite things to do in her spare time is shop. She is very interested in the latest fashion, beauty, and home décor trends, and loves perusing nearby stores to find pieces that she loves. There are many great places to shop in the Richmond area. Here are some of Desai’s favorites.

- The Near West End neighborhood of Richmond is full of small boutiques and stores that have a unique charm and are easily walkable. You can find a wide variety of products here, as well as great food for a snack break.

- Carytown is another neighborhood in downtown Richmond that is full of cute shops and restaurants to explore. The majority of the shops are locally owned, which means that you can enjoy supporting a small business while finding great goods.

- Short Pump Town Center is the biggest mall in the Richmond area, with over 100 retailers as well as dining options. Kids can also enjoy the Children’s Museum of Richmond, which is located here, as well as the Short Pump Express, a small train which circles the mall. Short Pump is located off I-64, roughly a twenty-minute drive from downtown Richmond.

- Stony Point Fashion Park is another suburban mall located east of downtown Richmond. This mall features many high-end retailers and department stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co., and Coach. Erica Desai loves exploring this mall for great deals.

Erica Desai

Erica Desai - How to Play Volleyball

Erica Desai has many hobbies outside of her career as a healthcare professional, and one of her favorite things to do is play volleyball. She began playing volleyball in middle school, and was on competitive teams in both high school and college. Desai continues to play volleyball on a recreational team when her schedule allows, and she loves the social and competitive aspects of the game, as well as the great workout that it provides.

A game of volleyball is played with two teams of six players each. The six players stand in two lines of three people. The court is divided in half by a net. The goal of the game is to serve the ball so that it hits the ground on the opposing side of the court. Volleyball games are usually played to twenty-five points, and to score a point, a team must win a rally. A rally occurs when one team serves the ball to the other team, who then have three hits to return the ball. If they are unable to return the ball successfully within three hits, a point is scored.

There are many techniques for hitting the ball, but the two most important are setting and spiking. Setting can be done in a few different ways, either with the inside of the forearms, or with the hands overhead, and is used to pass the ball. Spiking is a more aggressive hit that is used to get the ball over the net. Erica Desai loves using these techniques when playing volleyball.

Erica Desai