Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois - Active Student

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois is an active and dedicated student currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business (Marketing major, English minor) at Illinois Wesleyan University. A hard working student and talented soccer player, Eric manages multiple roles and responsibilities at the school.

To Eric Gilbert Deerfield IL , sports have always been an important aspect of teamwork. From childhood, he competed in baseball, basketball, and soccer. He thrived in soccer. Eric was named a soccer team Captain at Deerfield High School, as a result of his dedication, accomplishments and leadership on the team. At Illinois Wesleyan University, he earned “Newcomer of the Year” in 2013 for his exceptional play as a starter on the soccer team.

Off the field, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois is an active promoter of worthy causes. He is deeply committed to making a difference in his community and the world at large. Eric has been involved in a number of charitable causes, including founding “Lay It In for Leukemia,” a basketball tournament whose proceeds benefited Leukemia research. The tournament was a first of its kind at the university, with Eric Gilbert playing a huge role in its success.

Writing is also another of Eric’s talents. In both high school and college, he has been the Sports Editor and writer for the school newspaper: Deer prints (Deerfield High School) and The Argus (Illinois Wesleyan University). He hopes to become a sports writer and/or work for a sports team in the future.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois - Making the World a Better Place

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois is a dedicated student-athlete who leads by example, both in the classroom and on the soccer field. Currently pursuing a business degree at Illinois Wesleyan University, he is deeply concerned about the well-being of the global community and is motivated to use his skills to better the world. Of particular concern to him is the turmoil in the Middle East. While he is just one person, he hopes the collective voice and actions of millions of others can help change the lives of many of the oppressed people living in this region.

Back home in Illinois, Eric Gilbert, of Deerfield is also involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors. At IWU, he is the founder of "Lay It In for Leukemia," a basketball tournament hosted by the school's Sigma Chi fraternity, of which he is a member. The tournament was open to all students, with Eric leading the charge to organize schedules, collect money, and ensure campus-wide participation. All proceeds from the tournament directly benefitted the Leukemia Research Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing efforts towards treating the disease.

Eric Gilbert is also an ardent student of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. To him, such events were important towards ensuring a free nation that treats all its citizens equally, regardless of race or gender. While figures such as Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X are more recognizable for their efforts during this era, Eric knows that millions of others played a significant role in helping America become an equal and fair country.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL - Coaching Aspirations

When Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL completes his Bachelor’s Degree in Business, in May of 2015,(Marketingwith an English minor), he hopes to work for a sports team in marketing, as soccer coach and/or sports writer. In Eric’s view, getting better as a player, is largely dependent on the level of coaching instilled. Players often remember the great coaches who helped them develop and tap into their potential – and for good reason.

As a future coach, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL aims to inspire athletesto work hardand to develop their talentand resilience, while dealing with disappointment, learning from mistakes and adjusting to life's adversities. These are all important aspects of coaching that also translate into success in life. For youth players especially, coaches are instrumental in fostering a positive environment for the best outcomes. Eric sees the following roles as being important to any coach.

Foster a positive environment

Coaches foster a positive environment in a variety of ways. Sometimes it is through verbal praise for following instructions, executing a technique/strategy, or treating other players respectfully. Other times, it can be a nod of the head, a pat on the back, or a smile that lets young players know the coach is pleased with them. By building a positive environment, young players feel good about their input, which leads to better performance.

Providing feedback

Coaches aim to develop an improvement mindset in their players, demonstrating that there is always room for growth. A statement like, “I liked how you applied yourself in practice, and look forward to working with you on dribbling more successfully,” provides encouragement while also communicating room for improvement. When coaches regularly do this, young players are responsive to learning.

When he is on the field, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL is not only listening to valuedinstructionfrom his coaches, he is also taking notes in his mind, knowing he will use techniques and lessons learned inthe future.

Putting in the Hours, Eric Gilbert, Deerfield IL

Some people just have a gift. They stand out from a young age for a number of reasons and are recognized by people around them. For Illinois resident, Eric Gilbert from Deerfield, his athletic ability stood out from a young age. Soccer, basketball and baseball were the major focus of his youth, as he excelled in these sports in competitive situations. His heart drove him to follow a passion for soccer and he put in a lot of hard work to make himself the best soccer athlete he could possibly be. Many hours were spent on drills and skills and he has benefited from this dedication to become an intercollegiate soccer athlete. Eric currently competes for Illinois Wesleyan University, where he is an excellent student on track to graduate in May 2016 with a degree in Business. Hard work translates into the classroom as well. Eric often works hard to learn diverse subjects. He is a thought and active leader, in that other students seek his guidance. He knows that in order to be successful, one must work hard. He learned this lesson early in life when he took advantage of making the most of his natural skills.

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