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Piedmont's awesome geographic features.

Georgia’s second-largest geographical region is the Piedmont; while it is the second largest in size, it contains the highest population. This hilly region makes up approximately 30 percent of the state and lies between the mountainous regions of north Georgia and the Coastal Plain. Along the southern boundary, the Piedmont sits approximately 500 feet above sea level, but elevations can range up to 1700 feet at the southern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This region consists primarily of rolling hills with many valleys. In some areas the hills are quite tall and almost appear to be mountains themselves.{Georgia INFO-an online Georgia almanac}.It also has important cities including ,Athens ,Augusta ,Macon, and Atlanta.

Piedmont's interesting physical features.

Large areas of solid rock are found just beneath the earth’s surface in the Piedmont. This is called bedrock; consists of such stone as granite, gneiss, and marble. Piedmont bedrock is usually very hard, not like the sedimentary rock of the Coastal Plain. Because of this, it is normal to see large areas of exposed bedrock - called outcrops - where the soil has been washed away. Other evidence of bedrock can be seen in river beds, along highways, and on some hillsides.

Numerous streams and rivers cross the Piedmont, usually flowing from north to south. Because of the bedrock, streams tend to have shallow beds, with narrow banks. Exposed rocks create rapids - which makess navigation impossible for large boats.

A common feature of Piedmont soil is its distinctive red color- the result of iron minerals found in granite and other rock. Erosion and weathering cause exposed rock in outcrops to break down into iron and other minerals. When Water is mixed in with the iron - it produces rusty red soil often called “Georgia red clay."{Georgia INFO-an online Georgia almanac}.Peaches are very popular physical features in  Georgia's Piedmont region , that is why Georgia is called the peach state.

One very important economic activity in the Piedmont is the airplane industry.

Begun in 1928 in Louisiana as the Delta Air Service, the Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines is today the nation's third largest, with operations around the world. Through sound management it survived a competitive Delta Tail-artairline market in the 1930s; in the postwar era it modernized and expanded its fleet, gaining new service routes beyond the South through approval by the Civil Aeronautics Board and by corporate acquisitions. In the modern era of deregulation, which has seen the downfall of such historic carriers as Pan American (or Pan Am), Eastern Air Lines, and TWA, Delta Air Lines has prospered and grown. Indeed, Delta's growth paralleled, and helped fuel, the growth of Atlanta as a regional and national commercial center.{Delta Air Lines-New Georgia Encyclopedia}.Also most of Georgia's cars are made in the Piedmont region.

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