Eric Thomas Grissen  

College Student Eric Thomas Grissen Learns Through Work and Hobbies

About Eric Thomas Grissen

Currently a student at the College of Life Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Eric Thomas Grissen expects to earn an undergraduate degree in biochemistry in 2014. In preparation for his postgraduate career, he has spent two summers working at Daon, a biometric identity management company in Reston, Virginia. During his first summer with Daon, Eric Thomas Grissen helped the company address a high rate of valuable equipment loss by setting up asset management software and cataloging all information technology assets. In his second summer, he worked on testing the company’s biometric cyber security software, among other duties.

Outside of work and school, Grissen enjoys educating himself on a variety of topics, ranging from electrical engineering, psychology, and market investment to film production and music theory. An enthusiastic reader on these topics and others, he also puts what he has learned into practice. For instance, he enjoys do-it-yourself electrical engineering projects such as building his own AM/FM radios and speakers. Eric Thomas Grissen has also begun investing in financial markets, using amounts small enough that he can stand their loss but large enough that he is motivated to utilize what he has taught himself about investing.

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