A Mothers Transformation

Change is a part of life, it depends on the person how much change affects someone's personality or entire way of living. My mom Alma Castorena Garcia has lived change all throughout her life from when she was a child. At a young age she lived under strict rules giving from her parents since she was was a girl. She had basic chores given to her and if she failed to do them she would be beaten with a whip or a belt.

As her mother had more children it was also Alma’s duty to take care of her brothers and sisters having to look after, feed, bathe, and change them. Alma’s parents were very poor and wanted to move to the land of opportunities in order to pursue a better life than the one they had now. This is the first moment Alma had experienced environmental change. she experienced the extreme conditions of the desert and having to hide from those who patrolled the border.

After all that torture from the trip through the desert Alma’s parents took their family throughout the U.S and settled in the little town of Mcminnville, TN. Alma was not use to the life here in the U.S especially since she didn't know english, but she changed that at 18 years old she decided to go to Warren County High School. As her senior year went by the more better she became at english and she had found out she was great at drawing she would sit and look at a cartoon and redraw it without tracing it.

Alma was at home when she hears a knock at the door and when she opens there stands a tall boy with long hair she couldn't help smile at him and he smiled back. The boy said he had recently came from Mexico and was looking for his father who he said worked with Alma’s father. She said her father will be arriving soon she couldn't help but ask what was his name. He responded and said Erik and from that moment they knew they fell in love. A few months later Alma found out she was pregnant she was filled with joy but at the same time sadness she knew she was not going to be able to finish high school. 9 months had past and she finally experienced the change from a teenager to a mother and as she told me its the best that could ever have happened to her.


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