Explorer Project Proposal
Madhur Choudhury

Going West

My name is Sir Charles The Sixth and I have a proposal for you.

Yes I am from Sains, Geremany

Here is some music for fun *note there is a pause button*

This is Gold. If we go out west to the Americas we will find lots of gold and other fine riches
This is The Boat that me and my men read to sail to the Americas
Christopher Columbous

Yes, I trust that Christopher Columbus will lead our expedition.

My Proposal

I want to sail to the Americas in order to find gold, spices, a water route to India, and other valuable resources.  I need you to fund our expedition.

Yes, I want to leave on the year of 1493

These are rare spices that we will find on our expedition.

My Favorites

If it were my choice I would want to find gold and the fountain of youth.

We have heard that there are other Indians there, we will baptise them and spread chrirtinanity.

France and England are our main competition.

They are also looking for the same eresourses as us.

We know that Violince is an option.

The Indians

We will try to communicate but violence is an option.

The location

We will try to land at this location for our convince.

This is my proposal for you. I want to go to the Americas so we can get riches,gold,spices,a water route to India, and many other natural resources.

These are some of the men I will use

Yes you are Spain the country that will be funding me. If you chose to accept my offer than you will get everything in this proposal and many more.  

Together we can find riches and rule the Americas!

In for the adventure?

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