Ernest Barbella

Career History of Food Manufacturing Professional Ernest Barbella

About Ernest Barbella

Ernest Barbella’s career in the retail food industry spans nearly fifty years and includes several entrepreneurial ventures. For the first portion of his career, Ernest Barbella worked for other companies, including Daitch Shopwell Supermarkets, Wakefern Food, Hills Supermarkets, and the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Beginning as an assistant store manager at Daitch Shopwell Supermarkets, he went on to be promoted to district manager in charge of seven stores before leaving to join Wakefern Food. Over the next ten years Ernest Barbella managed merchandising, buying, inventory control, and grocery operations, eventually earning the ranks of Administrative Director of the Frozen Food Division, Vice President of the Meat Division, and Vice President of Retail Store Operations.

Ernest Barbella’s success at Wakefern Food later helped him earn roles as Executive Vice President at Hills Supermarkets and Vice President and General Manager for the New York Region at the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. While at Hills Supermarkets he oversaw 4,000 employees and a $750 million retail operation, at the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company he oversaw 10,000 employees and a retail operation worth $2 billion. Ernest Barbella then decided to go into business for himself and purchased five supermarkets on New York’s Long Island, operating them successfully until selling all five in 1995.

Ernest Barbella’s other entrepreneurial ventures have included a spice manufacturing company and a pasta packaging company. While the pasta packaging company employs 50 people and produces prepackaged pasta such as macaroni and cheese, the spice manufacturing company employs more than 100 at its location in Qingdao, China. Ernest Barbella oversees both ventures from his home in Syosset, New York.

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