by:Madison E.

when do pediatricians retire?

If you want to pediatricians can retire when they are 50 years. Most pediatricians retire when they are in their mid 50s. Others don't retire until they are about 60. The more hours you work the better chance you will retire earlier. When pediatricians work 50 hours a week they will be able to retire at about 50 years of age.

how much do they make?

When pediatricians first start working they make 195,000 a year. More experienced pediatricians make about 395,000 a years. With 3 years of experience you would make more than first time workers. They more hours you work the more money you make. If a pediatrician work 50 hours a week they will most likely to make more money.

how many hours do they work?

It depends on what hours works best for the pediatrician. More experience pediatricians would work about 50 hours a week. First time pediatrician work about 40 hours each week. They spend most of their time caring for sick patients and running test for patients. Most pediatricians like to work less hours. The more years you have worked the lesser hours you have to work.

Pediatrician don't just work with kids they work with people from 0-18 of age.

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