by: Allison Carter

U1 Nature

  • highest place of annual precip. is in southeast & western mountains: 43 inches
  • natural features including: Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania
  • Over 50% of land is covered by forests, or about 16.7 million acres

U2 Population & Migration

  • Pennsylvania's Statistics by Race and Ethnicity:    White: 83.2%       Black/African American: 11.5%     Hispanic/Latino: 6.3%    Asian: 3.1%
  • Pennsylvania ranks #6 largest state in the United Sates by population (aprox. population: 12,702,379)
  • Pennsylvania is historically known for welcoming immigrants, this resulted in:                        

U3 Culture

  • education: 393 colleges in PA and has 2 school districts in top 10 public school districts in the United States
  • history: first state to abolish slavery, Declaration of Independence signed here, Liberty Bell, 1 of the 13 original colonies, many museums, historical landmarks and monuments
  • art:

U4 Political Geography

  • Unified Judicial System                                                                                          
  • Political Representation in PA-                                                                  Democratic Party: 81 representatives                                                        Republican Party: 118 representatives  
  • Individual counties involved in Pennsylvania's decisions
  • Many types of elected officials

U5 Agriculture & Rural Land Use

  • Approximate amount of farms in Pennsylvania: 63,200
  • Pennsylvania ranks #20 in the country for total agricultural income & #19 for livestock production
  • 27% of Pennsylvania is rural

U6 Economic & Industrial Development

  • major manufacturer of prescriptions drugs & chemical products
  • leading processed food state
  • 25th lowest unemployment rate
  • business management is highest major

U7 Urban Development & Cities

  • capital: Harrisburg      chocolate capital: Hershey     primate city: Philadelphia
  • lacking infrastructure
  • corporations support development & revitalization

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