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Grading a just a pocket away!


                                      Model Digital Age Work and Learning

Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society.

      a. Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current

           knowledge to new technologies and situations.


TODAY I WILL: Learn how to use my mobile device for grading assessments

SO THAT I CAN: Increase turnaround time on returning assignments, conduct more test item-analyses to guide the course of my instruction

I WILL KNOW THAT I CAN DO IT WHEN: I upload my first class, print out answer sheets, administer an assessment, and reflect on the data collected.

How can this tool help your classroom practices?

What are the benefits and challenges to using this tool in your classroom?

                                                     Faster turnaround on student feedback

                                                     Immediate feedback for instruction

                                                     Cuts grading time down significantly

                                                     Data syncs to cloud so that you can view on desktop

                                                     Create an item analysis

                                                     Can grade with/out Internet

                                                     Paid version not expensive!!!!

                                                     Kids can't erase ink

                                                     Reflection from light affects accuracy of scores

How to Use ZipGrade

1. Create an account at or on app.

2. On app, add classes.

3. Add student names (STUDENTS --> ADD STUDENTS). Select the class you want them to be in.

4. On app, select QUIZ, then NEW QUIZ. Name your quiz.

5. Select EDIT KEY. Input the answers.

6. When you're ready to administer the quiz/assessment, go to the website and print out answer sheets.

7. Once students submit their answer sheet, open the app, and then select the quiz.

8. Now select SCAN PAPERS. Make sure the four boxes on the paper align with the four boxes on the screen. As soon as the lens focuses it will automatically take a snapshot and score the answer document.

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