Ancient Egypt
by Fred Oster

Stable Food Supply

The Egyptians lived near the Nile River so they had good soil to grow crops. They also had fresh water. They caught fish for food. the water irrigated there crops. They used the river as a highway to visit there familys. They used a water wheel for water so they could water there plants.

Social Structure

The Social pyramid was a pharo. The peasants were the largest Social class. The social pyramid shows Families.

Ra was the ancient Egyptian god of the sun. He was already well known in the old kingdom, by 3,000 B.c. He had a circle balanced on his head and he traveled in a boat from sunrise in the east and west to sunlight every day.
Anubis was the way ancient Greek. Inpu or Anibis was an Egyptian god the sun of Ra.
Osiris was an ancient Egyptain god of growing things like the greek goddess Demrter.

Horus was an Egyptain god originally fron upper Egyptain. The old kindom people thought of the Hebrous having the head of the falcon and his name means Falcon in Egyptain.
They believed in gods and afterlife. They also believed in temple gods.
It was inportent because if they did not belive they would be miss treated.

system of government
There forms were Pharaohs Egyptians warfare, mercenaries Egyptain farming.
They had mercenariesto protect there civilization.

The Arts
They built pyramids. The old kingdom was 500 years old. There sculptors had carefully chipped away all the backgrounds of limestone.

advances Technology

They made a water wheel and that helped them by they could get water to there crops.

Written Language

There form of wrighting was inporten to them because they communicate info about religion and goverment
. they used a flint khife to cut or scrape because they drew pictures.

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