World AIDS Campaign

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HIV and AIDS are not subjects often spoken about. However those diseases touch millions of people all around the world. HIV and AIDS aren’t only affecting poor regions of the world, millions of North American and Europeans are also touched by those disease. There are a lot of possibilities to catch the disease, sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who use drugs, women, young people, religious groups, labour etc. all those people have high chances of catching and scatter the disease all around they environment. This is why I will present you an organism that helps those people and that tries to stop the epidemic, World AIDS Campaign.

This organisation is non-discriminatory and non-judgmental. They go all around the world in the region that are the most affected by the disease. World AIDS Campaign doesn’t only help the affected; they try to make the citizens of all country aware of the problem of HIV and AIDS. The disease has hit a lot of young children and World AIDS Campaign has a great program to help those children. They made partnerships with other organisation to achieve universal access for prevention, treatment, care and support to the children affected. They also targets the workers that catches HIV and AIDS due to poor work conditions. 80% of the people that has the disease are aged between 15-49 years old. The majority of those persons are workers. World AIDS Campaign tries to target those workers and but pressure to their employer to raise the work conditions

World AIDS Campaign is a great organisation that makes a lot of effort to help all person that is affected by HIV and AIDS. Not only that, in the process they try to raise the awareness of the disease to the rest of the world that doesn’t even bother about it.

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