Ask a question: What water out of tap,salt,and creek has the best ph level for a tadpole to live in?

Collect Information: Tadpoles prefer a ph level 8.0

Hypothesis:I think that the creek water will work best for the tadpoles because a creek is the only place I ever see them.

Control group: how deep the litmus paper is in the water      Independent Variable: what water group has the best ph level for a tadpole      Experimental Group: different water

Dependent Variable: the ph level

Materials and Methods:

1- answer the questions

2-test each type of water 2 times

3-make sure you are correct by testing the water for a third time with a thicker litmus paper

I hoped to learn what type of water tadpoles lived in. I thought that the ph level would be the closest in the creek water because this is the only place I see them. I need to do tests with tadpoles to learn more

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