The Nine Belief Systems

By: Kimberly Conklin

location-Africa Related people-no people
Related text-none Related elements -traditional
Impact on culture-worship spirits of nature
Interesting facts-great respect for nature

location-Japan Related people-Kami
Related text-none Related elements-none
Impact on culture-the spirit of Kami are in all things
Interesting facts- have great respect for nature

location-India Related people-Brahman
Related text-Vedas Related elements-reincarnation, karma, caste system,dharma
Impact on culture-reincarnation
Interesting facts-try to live a good life for perfections

location-India then moved to china Southeast Asia,Korea and Japan
Related people-Buddha Related text-none
Related elements-four noble truths
Impact on culture-end your suffering by ending your desire
Interesting facts-the learn to accept what life gives them

location-China Related people-Lao-Tse
Related text-Tac-Te Ching Related elements-none
Impact on culture-follows the way of nature
Interesting facts-they accept nature as they come

location-China Related people-Confucius
Related text-Analects Related elements-5 relationships
Impact on culture-all people need to accept their role in society
Interesting facts-great deal of respect for elders

location-Middle East Related people-messia
Related text-torah Related elements-
Impact on culture-good will send messiah
Interesting facts-try to follow gods laws

location-Middle East Related people-messia
Related text- bible Related elements-none
Impact on culture-one god
Interesting facts-simple rules

location-Middle East Related people-Allah
Related text-qurion Related elements-The five pillars of faith
Impact on culture-one god
interesting facts-the laws are so important

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