SketchGenie - Drawing Made Easy

A simple peaceful somewhat meditative drawing tool that works for the beginner to the professional. Beginners learn fast and professional save time. Every one can draw with Sketch Genie and it is used by all ages. There are Artists all over the world using the grid method to draw and sketch. I have used the Sketch Genie in my own art practice for years and I love Sketch Genie so much I purchased the company.

Each Sketch Genie is made with care and hand strung in my Ottawa art studio. Draw in the spirit of the masters using the same grid method techniques that artists like Da Vinci and Van Gogh used. Sketch Genie was invented by accomplished Artist Elisha Fields.

Drawing and Sketching can bring a simple focus and clarity in how we see the world. Now with Sketch Genie it is even easier to achieve a daily creative ritual that will bring peace and joy by slowing down and enjoying the process of drawing.

                     Drawing Made Easy

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