Natural Fibers:

By: Pilar Pusey


Cotton is one of the most basic and most famous natural fibers all over the world.

  • The Characteristics of Cotton are: *Cotton is Strong & Durable *Cotton in Warm Water *Cotton is Absorbent *Cotton fabric are usually used with Water Resistant(WR), Oil Proof(OP),& Flame Resistant(FR) finishes.
  • Cotton's Common Uses are:*Underwear & Under Garments*Shirts & Blouses*Jeans*Towels & Bed Linen.
  • The Proper Care for Cotton:*Machine Wash*Tumble Dry at moderate temperatures*Press with Warm Iron.

Natural Fiber:


Wool is a natural fiber that grows on the coat of a sheep.

  • The Characteristics of Wool are: * Wool's main sources are Australia, South America, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.*Wool is the warmest of all natural fibers.*Wool is Soft & Resilient*Wool just as Cotton is flame retardant*Wool does not absorb moisture as quickly as Cotton does*Wool also attracts moths.
  • Wool's Common Uses are:*Wool is commonly used for the making Sweaters*Tailoring Suits*Coats*Blankets*Upholstery*Rugs and Carpets.
  • The Proper Care for Wool:*Dry Clean or Hand wash in cool water*Do not dry in dryer.*Press with cool iron.

Natural Fiber:

Flax Linen

Flax Linen is a natural fiber that comes from the stem of a Flax seed.

  • The Characteristics of Flax Linen are:*Flax is Durable & Strong*Flax wrinkles easily*Creases are difficult to remove*Hand Wash or Dry clean.
  • Flax's Common Uses are:*Pants* Blazers*Table Linens* Upholstery.
  • The Proper Care for Flax:*Hand Wash or Dry Clean*Iron while Damp.

Natural Fiber:


A fine fiber that comes from a coconut spun by a silkworm

  • The Characteristics of Silk are:*Silk is the strongest of all natural fibers*Silk Drapes nicely*Expensive*Silk easily spots if it becomes wet*Silk weakens when exposed to sun or perspiration
  • The Common Uses for Silk are:*Wedding Gown's*Lingerie*Men Ties.
  • The Proper Care for Silk:*Dry Clean or Hand Wash only*Iron inside out.

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