The Glory and Honor,
of Death

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Eofor. Eofor devoted his life to the blood-feud between the Geats and the Swedes. Unfortunately, war has erupted once again between the Geats and Swedes and has taken the life of a beloved warrior. At the age of 62, Eofor suffered the same tragic but honorable death as his brother, Wulf, dying in battle. Eofor accomplished many greats things as a warrior such as killing Ongentheow on behalf of his brothers death. Eofor has shown great loyalty to his brother and tribe through all of the strife of dealing with inter-tribal conflict. He also received one the greatest gifts imaginable, Hygelac's daughter, for his courageous actions in battle with Ongentheow. Eofor is a honorable and strong warrior and will always be remembered. He has made the ultimate sacrifice for the Geats and has made a name for himself here. God has taken Eofor from now so he may honor us from above. Please, soul of Eofor, accept this pyre and immense amount of jewels in honor of your ultimate sacrifice.  

Grendel (mythisch wezen) from Wikipedia

The carrying of the great warrior Eofor to his ship.

Starkad from Wikipedia

This is a picture to show how great of a warrior Eofor was when in battle.


Eofor was a member of The Geats, a tribe inhabiting Götaland , meaning"land of the Geats". People such as Hygelac, Hygd, Heardred, Herebeald, Haethcyn, Ecgtheow, and Beowulf would attend the ceremony. Some may attend from the Danes or the Shieldings because Eofor's name was well known throughout Danish dynasty. However, no Swedes would attend due to the previously known rivalry between the Geats and the Swedes.

The Ceremony

File:Stories of Beowulf sailing to daneland from Wikimedia Common

This is an example of a rivet, a burial of a burning ship that is filled with gold, jewels, and other magnificent things to honor the dead who lays inside the boat to float eternally. The gather of people at Eofor showed in the video shows how well known he was throughout the dynasties. As his body is drifted off to float eternally, the people attending the ceremony pray that he may have a peaceful afterlife. A higher figure of authority, such as Hygelac, would give somewhat of an obituary while the ship begins to float away, as in the video, explaining the accomplishments of the warrior and how it was an honor to die the way Eofor did, in battle.

"Odin's last words to Baldr" (1908) by W. G. Collingwood

The mourning of the death of Eofor.

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony has concluded, people will come back to the mead hall and celebrate a feast in honor of Eofor. The enormous meal will have almost every food imaginable. Lastly, a higher figure, such as Hygelac, would give one last speech in honor of Eofor describing his accomplishments and others at the ceremony may get a chance to tell of how great a warrior Eofor really was.

List of Beowulf characters from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia by J. R. Skelt
Valhalla from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- "Walhalla" (1905) by Emil Doeple

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