Csa Climate

by: Angelica Izuogu
May 9, 2014
Period 3

Average temperatures and precipitation for a Csa climate:

  • The warmest months have an average temperature of more than 72° F or 22° C
  • The coldest month is between 18° C to −3 °C or 64° F to 27 °F, some places may experience a slight decrease in temperatures
  • Average precipitation for a Csa climate would be three times as much precipitation during wettest winter months as in the driest summer months.

Breakdown of each letter in Csa:

C: Hot moderate climate

s: Dry season in summer

a: Hot summer

An overall overview of a Csa climate is a dry-summer subtropical climate. They have long, hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

A Csa climate are usually found around the Mediterranean Sea, southwestern Australia, southwestern South Africa, some sections of Central Asia, and the interior of California. Examples: Khorramabad, Iran. They may receive up to 20 inches of rain each year.

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