5 Apps for K-12 Mobile Learning

Productivity, Cloud sync, Out of class sources

Looking at 5 apps that can aid in moblie learning that teachers can recommend to their students.


With Evernote students can take their class ntoes anywhere on any device and be able to have it all in one place for when they are out of the classroom.  This app is great for mobile learning because it lets you take your stuff with you where you need it and you can sync at anytime to save and have it on all your devices.

TED Talks App

With the TED talks app students can access extra sessions and ideas from other presenters on topics they learned in class.  This is a great one because it allows a student to research  nd look up and listen/watch what they want because it interests them.

Oxford Dictionary App

For those stduents who don't like to be hipster and carry the actual full volume of words in the dictionary, this app helps mobile learners to connect faster to the dictionary reference they need.


Who loves flashcards for studying?  Well, if your students do and they have a device that has a screen well then FlashCards+ is great for them to study from and access their cards from anywhere so they can ace your unit tests!

The Cloud

Just about anywhere in the world you can access the internet and any cloud app that lets you access your cloud drive where all you super awesome notes and images are stored, helps you to be a connected mobile learner!

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