Rosa parks- Bus Boycott

Rosa parks was born on February 4th, 1913, she past when 92 October24,2004.

According to my secondary source www.historychannel the Bus Boycott occurred for 381 days long the buses were integrated on December 21,1956.

According to the rules of riding dis aggregated buses Rosa Parks was put in jell on December 1st 1955 she was 42 years old because she didn't give her seat up in a bus the bus number was 2857 she got arrested twice for this.   

Fact and opinion

A fact about the bus boycott at that a 100 white people mobbed the buses an opinion is that the white people thought that they could not  sit in front of the buses this is from the history channel.


did people get killed from this? the answer is yes, a lot who where white attacked the buses with 100 white people and they mobbed them.

How long did this happen for? The answer is that this occurred for 381 days long the buses where integrated on December 21,1956

In the overall civil right movement it made white people let Rosa and the other sit in the front of the buses.


Rosa, i picked Rosa for my vocabulary word because she is the one who started this and ended it that is why i picked.  


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