My name is Jenna and I consider myself a really fun, artsy, and bubbly person. I draw, paint and do diy pintrest things allot. I also looooove to run! My all time FAVORITE color is Tiffany Blue! In the picture above are Cecilia and Sophia my 2 cousins who live in Washington almost 12 hours away, even though we live far apart we are all still very close!

My Family

I have a big family! I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. In this picture all of us just ran the color run!  Im first one on the left then my sister Kayla is next (age 21), then my mom Linda, then my sister Jessica (age 28) is the farthest on the right. I also have another sister Angie (age 17), who goes to Gm, and a brother Johnathan (age 25).


I absolutely love art! Art is how i express myself and what i generally do on my free time. I mostly sketch pictures or paint and i like to make diy things like decorations or crafty kinda stuff. I'v actually wanted to be an art teacher since i was in 3rd grade and i will try to pursue that as a job when i get older.


Running is my life!!!I run crosscountry and i love it, i'm insanely crazy about running! ill run in the rain, snow, blistering hot, freezing cold, u name it. I LOVE RUNNING!!! i was injured last year during crosscountry season but that didn't stop me, neither did my physical therapist, or coaches, they all know i love to run and theirs no way they could stop me. Running is pretty much my therapy, its my time to think deeply, try harder, and be more determined.

My 3 goals :D

1.) I need to really start training for crosscountry season more often. So to do this ill run 3 miles every Tuesday and Thursday then Mondays and Sundays ill do core workouts.

2.)I want to draw and paint more, i really enjoy art so i think i need to practice more so i can get a good job. So after im done with my homework after school i can take an hour or two to do so.

3.)I would aslo love to try to get all A's or mabey A's and B's. So to do that im going to study ALOT more than i do now.

Where i want to go :)

My family is VERY Italian, in fact my mom is actually 100% Italian and my grandma was born in Italy. So i would love to go and visit Sicily, Italy where some of my cousins live.

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