Democritus and Aristotle

A project by Abigail Tan and Ethan Blanco


Discoveries 460 BC

-Democritus was a Greek philosopher who believed that matter could not be divided indefinitely.

-The smallest piece would be indivisible. He called that piece "atomos" meaning "not to be cut."

-To Democritus,atoms were small,hard particles that were all made of the same material but were different shapes and sizes.

-He also believed  atoms were infinite in number,always moving and capable of joining together.

-This theory was ignored for over 2000 years

Aristotle 400 B

-The theory was ignored because the more eminent philosopher of the time (Aristotle) had a different and more believed theory.

-His theory was all matter was made up of 4 basic substances earth, water, fire, and air.

-He believed that each basic substance had different combinations of 4 specific qualities: dry, hot, cold, and wet.

-His theory of the structure of matter was the prevailing model for almost 2000 years.

Fun Facts

-While Democritus went largely unnoticed in Greece due to his work being more scientific than philosophic, his work attracted the attention of Aristotle.

-Aristotle is regarded by many as the most intelligent man to ever walk on this planet.

-As a wealthy heir, Democritus is believed to have spent his inheritance on travel in order to learn from other cultures' scholars.

-Aristotle was born in 384 BCE in Stageira, Chalcide in ancient Macedonia which is now northern Greece.

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