fifa 15 coins we dive has been regarded as a serious problem

fifa 15 coins Beginning in 2010, FIFA delegation of authority to the member associations, who will decide whether to pass the video gives the diver the powers of punishment as the reporter, FIFA was already discussing whether more severe punishment of diving behavior. According to the proposal, if a player flops and brought his team a penalty kick, goal keeper a red card, such as interest, the penalty will be suspended for at least two weeks. In response, FIFA spokesman Rod Blagojevich. Allen, said: "we dive has been regarded as a serious problem, much attention has also been given, we hope to eradicate it. Website Zurich months day sports Reuters to years World Cup of smooth held, FIFA () day and Brazil FA for has once met, President Blatter will Hou said "both has no differences" due to FIFA Secretary-General Walker earlier this month for World Cup organized work "progress slow" of asked accountability, Brazil Government and FIFA once in "cold war" among, Brazil Sports Minister libeiluo even wrote to Blatter, claimed "no longer will Walker considered dialogue who". After day hours after the talks, the relationship has signs of easing off, "parties do not differ, there is no problem, we are no longer talking about conflicts between individuals. "Blatter said," Brazil in this meeting, the Government made clear that full respect of our cooperative relations, to organize a World Cup match of one of the most successful efforts.