Essential Mining Machines For Miners

Working in a mine is one of the most dangerous working environments, as it involves a plenty of natural threats. To add greater threatening, mines depend on using large, powerful, gigantic machines, especially designed for heavy-duty operations in mines. Despite we all know that mining is strictly for finding gold, mining is performed for a variety of purposes, such as metals, crude oil, coal, gemstones, natural gas, water, petroleum and much more! There are many different types of mining machines, but each of them is used for a particular operation. The main classification of mining equipment is:

  • Machines for surface mining;
  • Machines for underground mining.

Mining machines are divided in these two groups, but some are essential for both types of mining. Being productive in a mine does not mean you need to work as hard as you can, but use proper machines for specific machines. Another very interesting fact is that using a machine not suitable for a particular operation can result with a waste of time, decrease of productivity and may even put you in a danger. To avoid this scenario, you just need to know the essential mining machines for miners.

Excavator: Excavator is the most essential piece of mining equipment for both underground and surface mining. This mining machine is used for digging, breaking and removing soil, gravel, rocks, etc. With a rotating platform mounted on either wheels or tracks, the excavator is able to rotate for 360 degrees and using its boom that can be equipped with a wide range of excavator attachments, perform any operation in a mine.

Scraper: Scraper is certainly a vital piece of every mining operation, because it removes dirt, gravel and all types of unnecessary materials from the surface. There might be many customized machines able to scrape, but this specialized machine is simply the most efficient solution for removing soil from mines. The scraper is able to travel over rough terrains, so it can be used for every mining operation.

Articulated Dump Truck: This type of truck is especially designed for mining and is one of the essential mining machines for miners. The articulated dump truck can be seen at nearly any mine, as it offers unique advantages and capabilities. It is used to transport the loose materials removed with a scraper, even over tough and uneven surfaces. Thanks to its enormous, heavy-duty tires, the articulated dump truck is able to carry loads over all types of terrains and soil weighing up to 40 tons.